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www.plainsite.org / Aaron Jacob Greenspan

Posted: Feb 28, 2017 by    

Aaron Jacob Greenspan posting personal and private information on his website.

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Contact information:
500 RACE STREET, SUITE 4321, San Jose California 95126
San Jose, California
United States
Phone: 415-670-9350
Aaron Jacob Greenspan is the owner of the website www.plainsite.org. He posts personal and private information on his website. He refuses to take down the information. I am a victim of domestic violence and my personal information is NOT suppose to be online per court orders. Aaron Greenspan refuses to remove my information from his website. He disrespects the law.

I begged him to remove it because I don't want my ex to find me. He refused to remove it. My ex found me and children in our home were harmed and I was beat up to a bloody pulp after he found me on Aaron's website www.plainsite.org.

Aaron Greenspan doesn't care about hurting children. He posts the locations of children whose mothers are hiding from abusive relationships.

He refuses to remove the information. He profits from watching people suffer and get beat up to a bloody pulp.

He runs his website out of a rented apartment all by himself. He's a lonely man. He hates people, so he uses his website to hurt them by posting their personal and private lives.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a bad person. Here are his other websites.

Here is the address which was taken from California San Jose Secretary of State website.

www.plainsite.org / Aaron Jacob Greenspanwww.plainsite.org / Aaron Jacob Greenspanwww.plainsite.org / Aaron Jacob Greenspan

Updated by Myname2017, Feb 28, 2017
Aaron Jacob Greenspan is the website owner. He runs the website out of his rented apartment he lives in by himself. He downloads federal lawsuits from Pacer and puts them on his website to humiliate people while he makes money from their names with advertisement.

Aaron posted on his website all my personal and private information. Through his opt out link, I asked him to remove my information, but he refused. So I called him and asked him. He then yelled at me and refused to remove it and then he slammed the phone in my face.

I lost several job offers because of his website giving my personal life. He makes his living by hurting innocent people on his website.

How would he like it if somebody posted his personal life? He doesn't care about people.
Updated by Myname2017, Feb 28, 2017
I posted his pictures of him in the red shirt so you can see who he is.
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A  11th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
Alan Greenspan, 500 Race Street, San Jose California 95126-5159 US, 415-373-3959. Plainsite.com, Think Computer Foundation, Think Computer Foundation. domains@thinkcomputer.com. This guy is evil. Word from his neighbors, he's watching little girls on the street all day. He publishes the addresses of women only. I'm going to the FBI about him. He steals information from Government Websites, downloads it and he works on his own out of his apartment. He's a sicko. He's dangerous. Keep your children away from him.
N  11th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Lady Justices of course should be Aaron Greenspan, AARON GREENSPAN,
N  12th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Lady Justices Yeah I am getting a court order .. whats on there for me is settled and it hasnt affected me career wise or anything ( atleast the idiot showed my thng was minor and settled) but he doesnt reply to inquiries .. and personal information is showing up.. he needs to be taken down.. also, i reported him to Consumer Affairs
A  12th of Jul, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Aaron Greenspan is a low life slithering parasite just like most likely his ancestors behaved towards people, as they screwed over andp do plundered from the good natured hard working people who do real work. This guy isn't even a guy. He is a parasite on the backs of society who doesn't know what real work is and doesn't get his hands dirty because in his insane mind he thinks he is superior, better and wiser than the rest of the people on this earth. But what he doesn't see is that he is the lowest form that a human can stoown to, a person who will sell anyone out for a few bucks and to give himself a medal and some prestige. He is so blinded by his bad behavior that is a hopeless person. Aaron Greenspan is associated with another ruthless sociopath who is Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport.
N  12th of Oct, 2017 by    +1 Votes
There are two owners of the plainsite website. aaron greenspan and his father dr. aaron greenspan.
I hate aaron greenspan!!
I hope aaron greenspan dies because of his plainsite website and how he posts innocent people's private lives on his website!!

Aaron greenspan and dr. neil greenspan are the owner of plainsite. they own it together. dr. neil greenspan is a pathologist and college professor at case western reserve university.

link to dr. aaron greenspan's contact infomration,

Dr. neil greenspan (owner of plainsite)
Neil. greenspan@case. edu
(216) 368-1280 (o)
(216) 368-0494 (f)

Photo of dr. neil greenspan below.

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