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hi there! I have an comment about my price winning..I think I won was confused And shock that time.where it goes?.something mess up.cant view the content and cant log in to my account to says sorry you are not eligible to play freelotto you unsubscribe.why?.something someone manage my account..I have an idea who did it..Ive'd try to ask that person but he lied...the thing is he know all my information even my yahoo account he manage it..
can't imagine why he did that to me..Ive'd been so nice to him but why he was cheated me..hes was not suppose to do im back but dont know how and where do i start..what is first and best thing to do..pls assist and suggest asking for help to overcome my price..i am the right person to claim and I am the real owner of that acoount aswell..I believe and i know that he got already some money..I need to recover and overview all my winning notification articles.I wanna see everything..I wanna proof that i won.. i just need to print it out..if you dont mind pls im begging you if theres an a posibility just to re-send it again those my notification winning emails..pls im
BEGGING you just to help me..thanks alot...

Feb 18, 2015

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