www.Millionairematch.comwebsite is full of scammers and jerks

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I was a member on the websites and Yahoo MessengerLifeoflove010. It was real waste of time and money, ‘coz all users tried to fool and steal from other people. I got different emails and messages from other users, and they offered me different things and told a lot of untruthful stories. Don’t waste your time and save your money. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Mi
      Jul 15, 2015

    The site is a complete waste of time and money I have to agree. But what is even more interesting is the way or the mechanics used to make users think this is legit. For starters the business model is very clever as it parlays the perceived lifestyle of the rich and successful into the questionable un-availability of the number of people reaching out to the unsuspected user. Case in point: In the beginning and throughout I was contacted by a significant number of female users. Considering I'm an attractive guy, in my 30's and witty in my interactions with women, I thought this is just business as usual. However, I started noticing a very interesting and particular pattern in my interaction with these women. Not only they ALL had jobs that apparently required travel, but upon getting their phone numbers in not one single case (out of at least 75 phone numbers) any of these numbers were traceable, nor their names had a LinkedIn profile (as you would assume professionals do right?) nor any other info out there. While I understand privacy I also understand the pattern was ridiculously coincidental. Furthermore, out of let's say 100 interactions in the greater Miami Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach it turned out they ALL either lived in Delray Beach, or Boca. Again, very suspicious as one would assume the location pool would be more spread out or varied. As I paid more attention to this, I also begin to realize the interactions lacked the typical banter of how locals either write or express themselves. Something very common was the way things were written, they all wrote like if a Russian would be writing omitting the "the"'s and other grammar than an educated local simply wouldn't omit. In other words tons of fake and manned profiles. So if you are a fake or you are manning a profile what a better way to get of the hook for a possible meeting than to play out the always traveling scenario right? Beware of this site. I paid for 3 months until I caught up to the scam. In my last interaction the moment I heard the "I live in Delray" for the 100th time from yet another user I just replied "Listen, it's ok if you are in India or Russia" So you know, once in that site your scenario will be exactly that: they are either moving, traveling, can't see you, and all of the other excuses in the book while you keep on paying. Remember got sued a ridiculous amount of money for conning fake profiles and manning them.

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  • Da
      Oct 24, 2016

    This website- seems to be filled with scammers. Bunch of emails from women saying a guy friend of their's was crazy about my profile and wasn't a member, etc. and wanted to get in touch with me, and a guy who seemed to be on a business trip in Scottland who was an architect and for a variety of reasons needed money to get the appropriate work documents to get a 53 M contract--but would pay me back in three days. Run, don't walk from this site. I immediately blocked these scammers and notified MM. But the support people aren't too supportive and will eventually, if re-emailed several times, block the scammers profiles.

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  • Ro
      Feb 15, 2019

    Millionaire match needs to take further action against vulgarity and rude offensive comments amongst their members. One would think that an educated successful person, claiming to be the perfect gentleman on his profile, would be just that!! Instead I received messages along with a fake phone number then was completely offended and disgusted by this person. His user name is Scottsdale98, he is a 6ft 4inch black man who has several pictures posted on his profile such as him standing next to a Bentley, one looks like hes on a private jet in a black tshirt and hat etc. He made a comment stating he would never date a white woman who preferred black men because then he would just date black women...he also said he prefers a white woman who wasnt turned out by black [protected]@k! He needs to be removed from this and banned from any other dating site!!

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