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I had never heard of WorldRemit before I saw transactions on my credit card...On the 27th Feb 2017, I noticed 3 transactions in a row, all for identical amounts, $190.49 each. This is an account linked to a card that is always held in a secure protected sleeve. The account very rarely uses the card as it mainly relies on cheque book. I am the only card holder and admin. I knew immediately that I had not done these transactions and looked up WorldRemit, contacting their chat line. As soon as I told them what I had found they suggested fraud and to contact their fraud email. I cancelled the card and contacted them, giving them the details. They responded this morning admitting that my card number was used for these fraudulent transactions and they were sorry but they had released the money so could not refund me!!! Tell me if I am on another planet? I am a business owner and know about business ethics. They are one of the largest money transfer companies and I can NOT believe they are not taking responsibility to refund my money...I DIDN'T spend it or send it! So, no wonder they are such a large company...taking money off anyone and not caring. I have added photos of the chat and the email they sent me. I truely believe they are obliged to give me a refund!

  • Updated by opalbin, Mar 07, 2017

    Just wanted to add the WorldRemit Fraud Reference number F1706500312

Mar 07, 2017
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  • 1d
      Sep 27, 2018

    Same exact thing happened to me today. Never heard of World Remit n certainly don't send money to Ghana.

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  • Ji
      Aug 23, 2019

    Same thing happened to me today. Never hear of them before but suddenly Ive got a number of payments going out of my account to them. Thankfully my bank have refunded the money but still have no idea how this happened. As apparently the transaction were carried out via the secure VISA Payment process. Its funny. I get Visa constantly blocking genuine transactions because they suspect fraud and this causes my business considerable headaches but the first time they get fraudulent activity on my account they let it through unquestioned.

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