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Worldmark By Wyndham / discriminated and fired

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Hi my name is Josué García and I was a former worker for the company I was fired and discriminated by Robert the.supervisor from maintnance department. They accused me for possesion of drugs with out testing me, and theres alot of emplyees in maintnance department consuming that, no one has motive it so Its not Fair that i got fired with no proof of drug consuming i have a family and now I dont have a job please jeep in mind to my complain because I was fired with no proof and I need a job.

Jun 19, 2013
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      19th of Sep, 2013
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    I was also fired due to disrimination. At the Overgaard Bison Ranch office, absolutely everyone is miserable-ALL of the management is trying to leave (and had been from the day I started working there) and we are all supposed to adhere to a "code of conduct" that doesn't apply if you're a so-called minority, especially if you're a male. They don't think twice about discriminating against women, since we're apparently expendable. They were more than happy to fire two of the housekeepers for "conduct" (showing up late more than they should) but there's a scummy guy in maintenance that not only doesn't do his job, doesn't know how to do his job, he also attacks any woman that doesn't respond to his childish advances. Do you think the ### ### in the so-called human resources would fire the only person there that's causing the problem? Of course not, they went out of their way to blame me, because I won't put up with his harrassment, by further harrassing me with false accusations. Imagine having to waste time in meetings with ###s who've never even set foot at the resort, going out of their way to try to scapegoat me because the little weasel dirtbag is a "minority".
    Imagine having to put up with snotty broad who pretends she's better than everyone else, who pretends she's too delicate to hear the word "###". Guess why I even used that word? Because the little rat-faced ### stared at my ### during work hours and they didn't feel the need to punish him for it. Of course, some jealous drunk drug addict decided to claim I "hit" her with something, and they took a whole week of work away from me as a result. Hypocrites.
    The only good thing about not working there any more is the fact that I'm no longer surrounded by horribly miserable people who do nothing but complain about the one employee that harrassed me constantly, but never make an effort to change that fact. And they probably do nothing because speaking up about what's really wrong there gets you fired.
    I was about the only employee there that actually did more than what was required of my job and I lose it as a result. Because they're all too damned stupid to realize that everyone has a problem with that one employee-except for the one person that lied to help him get his job, and lied to help him keep it. The one person stupid enough to be friends with the ### of the earth.
    they're both also friends with the drunk, drug addict. Interesting, huh? Like maybe they all went out of their way to make sure working there was hell for me, and ### gets to keep his job and only has the task of figuring out where to have lunch every day. Turns out that rat face isn't the only a-hole in the organization. Stacey E.

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