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World Education Services Attention: Documentation Center 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 Canada, India

WES Reference No. 3883616

I am from India. I had sent my documents in January 2019 and which were directly sent from the Institute as asked by WES as they applied new rules applicable from 1st Dec 2018. The documents were very much sent from the main University campus based in Pune, India and the only thing is my institute/ college is in Delhi.

Without giving me any proper reason/ proof they directly accused me that I myself sent those documents. I live in Delhi and the package / courier was sent from Pune. They at least must apply some common sense that if I live in Delhi and my college was in Delhi but the University to which the institute/ college is affiliated is based in Pune, then why would I go to Pune to sent the courier. I could have done that sitting in Delhi itself ? I mean why would I waste my money and travel to Pune which is around 1000 miles from Delhi to sent the package if I were to send it myself ????

This is mental harassment. A lot of money and time is wasted just because they don't think that the institute themselves have sent it. How can they say that ? Have they confirmed and verified from the University/ institute that they sent it or not ?

No. They simply passed their judgement based on their assumption.

I want to escalate this. Please help me.

World Education Services [WES]

Feb 07, 2019

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