Woolworths / rude manager

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

On Friday the 19th of September at around 5.00 we were waiting in line with 25 other people and only 2 checkouts open. Everybody was complaining how ridiculous it was. When we finally did get to the checkout the checkout lady said how was your day, we said good now we have a checkout after waiting for 15minutes. We said the manager needs to get some more checkouts open. The manager overhead this then proceeded to come around to our aisle and get in our face and said I just loved getting abused by customers in an aggressive tone. We don't think what we said was abusive in any way. Then he stormed off. I said we cant blame you guys it starts at the top. He overheard this and came storming back in and got in our face again carrying on like an idiot. My husband had to calm him down. We are in our fifties and shop at this grocery store for the last 15 years and have always had polite conversation with all staff but this manager was extremely rude and arrogant.

Sep 19, 2014

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