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I'm not in the habit of writing to companies but I was that disappointed with your product I feel I need to inform you of my dissatisfaction.
I purchased from the Woolworth store in Leeton NSW your Sweet potato, feta, spring onion and caraway seed Frittata.
As an 84 year old sole pensioner, I purchase a lot of the frozen dinners sold by Woolworth rather than cook myself. On this occasion I had a visitor who is a vegetarian (I'm not myself). I saw your product and it seemed a good idea to use this as the base for the meal plus cooking the other vegetables myself. I had prepared all the other items then all I needed to do was heat up your product. Read the instructions. That was when my problems started. It said to turn it out of the foil and place it on the upturned foil in the oven. I wonder if you have ever tried to turn one of them out of the foil. After attempt after attempt it would not come out. eventually the whole middle fell out in a mess, with the remaining outer edge still frmly fixed to the foil. There was no way could I serve this mess up to my guest. The result was having to take them out to dinner, an expense I could have well done without being on a pension.
The foil container needs redesigning as the indentations around the base makes the contents cling to the foil
One very disappointed customer
David Boyd. 8 Packham St Leeton NSW 2705

Oct 14, 2018
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  • Hf
      Nov 08, 2018

    8 Nov 18
    We had the same problem.

    I purchased a Ruffie Rustic Foods Sweet Potato, Feta, Spring Onion & Caraway seeds Frittata from Woolworths at Q Centre Gold Coast QLD. I read the detailed Heating Instructions and tried to remove the Frittata from the foil tray. The edges were stuck to the foil tray. After a bit trying a variety of ways to get the edges away from the tray the base was then stuck to the bottom of the tray. I gave up and heated the Frittata in the tray. After heating I still could not remove the Frittata from the tray. We enjoyed the flavour of the Frittata, but it was challenging to eat it out of the tray. It would have been more enjoyable if the tray could be removed from the Frittata and the Frittata could have been plated and easier to eat.

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  • Aa
      Mar 17, 2019

    I had the same problem with this product. The instructions call for removing the frittata from the foil tray, which resulted in it falling apart due to poor design. I'd take this mess of a thing back to Woolworths, but I didn't think to keep the proof of purchase for a bloody instant meal. Even just the fact that they've made it impossible to microwave it, makes this product a complete waste of time, as I couldn't eat it at work.

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