Woolworths Australia / not a complaint as such but a health concern

On your delivery bags it stays to clean with disinfectant. Thus the smell will taint any soft goods butter cheese meats milks etc also if one delivery bag has been used for smelly detergents or washing powders this will also taint and could cause stomach problems with foods. Years ago we were told not to pack these items in same bag due to contamination. And what is happening now. All in together this fine weather. Home delivery orders should have new bags each delivery. When I do go out I have always taken my own bags that is not a problem. I think the issue here is mainly cross contamination. And if I get sick woollies will be sued not only me but hundreds of others too. I think this health matter of fresh bags should be taken to the board meeting for further discussion. Yes bags are a good idea but let's be reasonable think of us oldies who can be effected and younger ones also. Hope you will consider my concerns. I would love to hear from you as to your decision. Thnx for your consideration in advance. Kind regards Noeleen

Jul 29, 2018

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