Woolworths Australiajessica (cashier)

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It happened on 18th Thursday January 2018
Time: 2:40
Address: Shop6 Level 3, Burwood road(westfield)

When she checkout our items she made a
big mistake and waited for a long time to solve the problem she didn't say any sorry and she had no manners and her face was like really rude and angry. We just walked out and checked the receipt again and she made another mistake so we went back to her and tried to explain to her. Also she was really rude because her face looks like didn't want to listen my explaination about her another mistake and snatch the receipt check herself and refund money for the mistake.It was second time her mistake however she never said any apology word like 'sorry'. Finally I juat walked out without any comment about her acting but that time she was just talking to a another cashier and laughing at each other and talking about us. The point was she was really rude and had no manners.

Jan 17, 2018

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