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I habe paid for Account Assure to ‘protect my acct in the evnt I could not pay all/some'. Lately I submitted All required papers asked (with some difficulty from my prior employer), and requested to use those benefits I have signed up AND paid for. I finally after a few tries got my prior employer to fill out paperwork. I have not heard if they sent it in or not but have not recived them back either. Now Account Assure is saying I was unemployed when i requested their help. Isn't that what it is for?? I managed my acct for awhile using up my savimgs before getting told by a memeber of woman within that i can request help from Account Assure in the event I cannot pay my bill. Now I am deliquent and the service has been cancelled. I want ALL the fees I paid to them while using them on my Woman Within acconut refunded! Either reversed back to my account or, a check in the mail would work. Had they provided their services i paid for my account would be fine and I would not be submittimg this complaint!!

Woman Within

  • Updated by 1UnHappyMommy, May 29, 2018

    Saying they will settle and take 20%off bill is saying, oh we will take off he late fees we charged you if you pay for Account assure services you didnt get plus your bill!🤨

May 29, 2018

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