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Pay attention to this Wizzair scam:
Just came back from Budapest, where I was asked to pay additional EUR 46.50 for my small cabin luggage. I refused as on my way from Eindhoven to Budapest my bag was perfectly OK. The rude steward(surname Kiss) demanded a payment without even listening to me. Without a choice I had to pay otherwise I will be left at the airport (she said word by word I'll decide who will fly and who not) Mrs Kiss charged me EUR 46.5 although and on the phone with their call centre with Mrs Magda confirmed payment of EUR 35 and provided me an invoice of EUR [email protected]@@### WHERE ARE MY EUR 11.5 ?? WHY I WAS CHARGED IF ON MY WAY I WASN'T ASKED TO??
Called Customer Service (better not to use these phrases as this call centre is everything but Customer Service) Agents on the phone were unhelpful and couldn't assist. Only tried to blame me for choosing the wrong 'subject; in my contact form like this is not a PAYMENT ERROR. I googled this topic and look what I found... So many complaints of the same type:' On my way the small baggage was OK but on the return way customers were asked to pay additional fees.

Feb 27, 2014

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