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I live in Arizona and I'm upset about not being able to get any of the daily free give away. Every time it says it has available items, it responds to me saying that the items are already claimed! This is not fair ! Plus only so little amount! This has got to be fixed! I'm not the only one either, there are several other people who have the same problem! Fix it !

Sep 19, 2017
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  • He
      Oct 02, 2017

    It is not a scam! I've won 10 times in the last 3 weeks!
    I have already received 2 of the items. You have to be on the page when the time starts and you have to be quick!!

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  • Au
      Oct 12, 2017

    I t is no scam in the past two or three weeks I have already claimed 14 item, then i started to think it was fake because my item didnt arrive but then I got one, and then another, although i have only received two of my items i am satisfied.

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  • Ka
      Oct 21, 2017

    Same thing keeps happening to me. I sit on the app till it starts, wasting my time researching the products, then it pops up that the giveaway started and the blue bars are full. I click claim, and it says "item currently unavailable" but the blue bar is still there just less then before. I click another and another till ive clicked all items just to get the same message. Ive used this app for years and never once have i been able to claim a free giveaway item. My husband even has the same thing hapoen to him on his phone, and my mom and quite a few of my friends. Ive never actually met anyone in person who has been able to claim a free item from the daily giveaway. Then people like this say theyve claimed hundreds of free items and call us liars when they really have no idea that this is really happening.
    I dont know who to compain too but the BBB and everyone else will know.

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  • Ri
      Dec 10, 2017

    If someone would like i can explain to them exactly how the dailygiveway works and why when you click claim even thought it says 46/70 (For example) that it tells you there are no more available. Please stop crying about something you don't understand. i have won stuff almost everyday even things that only have 1-2 available. The strategy i use can help you alot with practice. So again i would be happy to explain. Just stop crying like a baby cuz your not entitled to anything on that app.

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  • Tg
      Feb 01, 2018

    @Ripshock251 Alright then please, do tell. I would appreciate it very much! 😀8

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  • Li
      Feb 07, 2018

    Same problem. I'm on the app from 8:50 until 9:15 everyday waiting for the notification saying the giveaway has started. I click the blue button but it says the item is unavailable.

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