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Winners International, is an obvious scam. They called me when my mom wasn’t home and asked for her. I said she wasn’t here, and the man asked where she was. I said she was at work and then he started mumbling. he told me to wright down his number. he mumbled so much that after him repeating it several times it was the only thing i heard. I said I would try to have her call him back. I told my mom about it and she wasn’t happy. The next day he called back and asked for my mom, i once again said she wasn’t home, the man yelled back “Well Where is she?” With that kind of attitude i was ready to hang up.

But then I remembered about week earlier the same guy called saying i won something. knowing it was a solicitor i said i was sorry but I wasn’t interested. he called back and was yelling at me saying why did i hang up. I told him i wasn’t interested, he asked why and i said because I’m not. I had to tell him over and over again not to call me because i wasn’t interested. Knowing it was the same guy and he would call back I said she was at work. He yelled again and said i needed to wright down his number and have her call him as soon as she got back.

I still had the number and just told relayed it back to him. He yelled again saying to have her call him back as SOON as she got home, I said “I’ll try”, knowing it was a scam. He tried to hang up but I asked where he was from and then he mumbled Winners International. I’ve told them to stop calling and it wouldn’t be so bad if they were nicer, but they have been calling back again ruder and ruder every time. I can tell you this, we aren’t calling back, and if they keep calling back after told to stop calling, I won’t talk as nice either.

I have had a number of calls from Winners International Payout Service saying I have won 17.5 million dollars and a car. I was concerned about this because most of the messages were hard to understand because of the accent. One even said he was in Tennessee affiliated with Bank of America, I became very suspicion when all the calls were from Jamica, from different people and these following numbers– [protected]-562-6584 and a couple of others I did not keep. I have not returned any of these calls and I do not plan on it. I just need them to stop calling with false information.

These people called ME, told me I was eligible to be in Madison’s Who’s Who of professional’s. Said all I had to pay was 110.00, and my name would be included in there book. A few weeks later, I received another email from them telling me, that if I paid another 110.00, I would receive the book within 4 weeks. It has been 3 mos. and still no book. WTF????? Sorry, I am on a fixed income, and I just wanted some recognition for my 28 yrs. of service in black and white, so my son might be proud of me. Suckered again! OMG! Not only once, but TWICE!!! God Help Me! My husband is disabled and I work 1 day a week. May God have mercy on those involved in this fraud.

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      7th of Aug, 2014

    I also received a call today on my cell phone from a man named Mr. David Thomas from Winners International!!! He also so spoke in a heavy thick accent. He informed me I had won 9.8 million dollars and a brand New Mercedes. He kept asking me why I was not excited and did not believe him. I informed him that I had not entered any kid of sweepstakes and I did not believe him, that this did not happen. He became very rude and asked if I did not believe in miracles and I stated he need to change his tone of voice and I did believe in miracles but not this scam. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted Cash or a Certified Check, and that the US Government would want their tax money the amount of $300, 080, 000.00 thousand dollars first before they could mail me my check and could I send that to them today so they could get my check in the mail. I informed him I did not have that kind of money and he then asked could I not get a loan for it... I at this time stated NO and would like a phone number to call and speak to someone that could verify that he was with who he said and that this not a scam. The number he called from was 876-559-0517, the number he gave me to confirm was 1-876-362-4000. I hope No One falls for this and I hope they are caught this is terrible and I am sure they have scammed innocent people!!!

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