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Windstream / telephone service/dsl/customer service lousy

1 Jefferson, GA, United States Review updated:
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Windstream customer service is the absolute worst!!! I have been dealing with a problem with windstream since october of 2006 when we moved into our home. I have a constant hum/buzz on the line and then an intermittent snap/crackle/pop - yep I have the cereal on my line - honestly, I would rather be sitting in a field on a cordless phone with a metal rod in my hand during a lightning storm - it would probably be quieter. I have called the so called action line with windstream only to be told, "go pick on another utility company, leave windstream alone for a while" - nice customer service huh? I work from home doing medical transcription so each time my phone is messed up, or my dsl drops, I lose money. I have had ticket over ticket over ticket placed for these problems. The outside plant manager stood in my living room and told me there was nothing he could find, do, or suggest - other than, "I think your house is just haunted and the spooks don't want to leave". I have had a tech at my house now everyday for almost 2 weeks straight, just to be told, they can't find anything again and he asked me why I was turning my modem off and on and off and on. Like I don't have anything better to do with my time/life other than turning a modem off and on just to bother windstream and their wonderful no knowledge techs. Like I said earlier, I have now been dealing with this for exactly 2 years and it has now come down to windstream blaming me. Here is the newest problem. I was told that my linksys router doesn't get along with my windstream modem, so it was replaced with a 2wire router/modem combo, i'm still losing my dsl signal. I was told I could upgrade to 6mbs by the "installation department", but then the tech in the field said I could only get 3mbs, fine I was left at 3 mbs. As of 5:30 pm today, I went from 3 mbs down to 128 - yep, less than the lite speed they offer - slower than dial up - but they can't tell me why, when, who, etc., changed my speed - I have to wait until tomorrow after 9 am to call and speak with customer service. I can't keep the same speed, some days I have 1 mbs, 1.5, 3, back down to 1, up to 6, now down to 60kb. I was told by someone in corporate for windstream that windstream is a "for profit" company - well to receive a profit, you need to provide a service 100% of the time. I have no clue as to where to turn now or where to go... If anyone has any suggestions, please help!!!

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  • Ge
      12th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    i would never use windstream for any service. they don't return refund credit.

  • Jd
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    Windstreams DSL service is a joke. The signal I get goes from 0 to 3 kbps in a matter of milliseconds. It is shameful that a company would even be touting their DSL capabilities. It is totally unreliable.

  • Wh
      26th of Aug, 2012
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    I have been giving my money to Windstream for 3 years now. I pay for 3Mbps internet service, although I rarely ever have that much, usually only get about 50 kbps. Server latency issues are always the cause. I guess they are to cheep to update ma'bell's old timey plug n' play switch board. The CSR for windstream are a joke. I called yesterday about my service issues, and was sent to 5 diffrent people. I just play the game now. get all pissed off and yell at them until they take the charges off my bill. I suggest this to all customers who have frequent issues with this company. Maybe they will go out of business, and someone who cares will take over. If I had a choice for my ISP I would not choose this POS company. Just another corrupt cooperation making big bucks, and treating the people who make their business possible suffer because of their greed.

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