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Johannesburg, ZA

19 November 2017
I would like to lay a complaint against a Wimpy Festival Mall
My family and I had breakfast yesterday we placed an order with the waitress (not sure of her name) my 7 yr old daughter ordered a toasted cheese sandwich on brown bread when she received her food the bread was burnt it looked like there wasn't any cheese on the bread and she said she doesn't like how the food looked, so I asked the waitress to please change the bread as it is burnt and please add more cheese, she brought the exact same sandwich back and just left it there and walked away I then called her back to tell her this was unacceptable she picked up the sandwich and walked away. She then brought the sandwich back exactly the same and threw it on the table so I asked her is there a problem she ignored me, I then asked her if she could please bring me butter that i already asked for and she just walked away from me, which another waitress heard me and brought me the butter. I do not want any refunds but I will ensure that my complaint is heard and others are aware of the bad service at Wimpy Festival mall, the staff do not even try to please the clients, I go to Wimpy woodbridge every Saturday and never once have I experienced this service or pathetic food there.

Nov 20, 2017

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