Wimpy International / terrible services experienced

Lenasia, South Africa

Today at 15: 45pm my sisters and I decided to go and have milkshakes at the Wimpy situated at Trade Route Mall .We seated ourselves at a table and waited 15 mins and realised we were not being served by any of the staff even though they passed us several times.I then requested for someone to please assist us for times .The one gentleman named David spoke to us and asked someone else to serve us and he seated two African ladies and when the lady came and took our order without writing it dow it was 16 :10pm the
African ladies who arrived a while after us ordered food and were already served the time now being 16:20pm and when I looked around I noticed people who arrived after us where already being served so I said let's wait few more mins and see .The time now being 16 40pm and the milkshakes have not yet been served to our table nor has any of the staff enquired if we received service .I stood up and went to ask for the manager and the lady at the front till spoke to me and when I told her of the service I experienced she asked would I prefer a take away and she is sorry this is not right, I replied no it's fine thank you please keep your milkshake as I will never support your Resturant again because this is unacceptable waiting 1 hour for a milkshake and also not being assisted despite asking several times and the staff walked right pass us until I called loudly.
As a loyal customer of Wimpy this behaviour and service has made me think twice about supporting the resturant at Trade Route Mall.

May 01, 2018

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