Wimpy International / service at wimpy (sammy marks)

My sister and I decided to visit one of your franchise yesterday (28 May 2018) in Pretoria located at Sammy Marks to enjoy one of your promos which is a burger with a milkshake.

A lady buy the name of Precious assisted us. My problems were as follows:

1. She was very slow in bringing the food. I understand the place was busy but other people who came after us got food first.

2. When she brought food, she served us plates as if my sister and I didnt order at the same time. My plate came first and my sisters came later.

3. When I received my food (first plate) it had hair on my plate. When I showed her she used her hand to take out the hair. I asked her to take the food back and give me a new plate. She said I'm going to wait long so I might as well eat it. I said no. She took the plate and after +-2 minutes she came back with the same plate.

4. The manager was not visible which made it hard for me to report to the manager.

After such a disgusting service. I'm starting to question the standard of the food being served to customers. I trust that this matter will be resolved and that I would get a positive feedback about this issue.

May 29, 2018

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