Wimpy / manager and staff have a don't care attitude

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I have had problems with the above mentioned Wimpy on two occasions. On the most recent occasion, I went in with a friend from overseas for breakfast. We sat there for approximately 15 minutes without our table being cleaned or acknowledgment from any of the waitresses that passed by during this time. Patrons that came in after us were seated, had their tables cleaned and their order taken. Upon asking one of the waitresses why we were still being neglected after 15 minutes, she responded in a very rude manner that, this was not her table. I continued to sit for another 5 minutes waiting for a waitress. I there after left the area and asked to speak to the manager. I told the manager that the waitresses have a bad attitude and that we are now leaving as we waited for approximately 15 minutes whilst patrons that came in after us were seen to. The manager responded by saying :THAT'S FINE, YOU MAY LEAVE IF YOU WANT. I'M SORRY, and she smiles. My question to wimpy is, Is this the type of image we create as South Africans? Is the customer not of value anymore. I am deeply offended and embarrassed that my friend had to leave with such a bad impression of South African customer service.

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  • Di
      Dec 13, 2011

    Zevenwaght Mall, Kuils River Cape Town

    I LOVE Wimpy breakfasts, and as I am on the road, as a sales consultant I have many, all over the show at different towns, and all are exemplary.Fresh hot crisp bacon and wonderful white crispy chips, eggs done to perfection, not to mention the thick soft toast on which I usually pop my eggs.And not to forget the lovely firm but cooked tomato"s.This is what I have come to expect from Wimpy.
    THEN you get the one at Zevenwacht Mall.I went there once before and swore then never again.Why I went there again and took a partner I dont know why, but I did.
    AGAIN the food was totally unacceptable!!!The TOAST was flat as a pancake, and you needed a chainsaw to get through it.The BACON not only did not really taste as it should?something not right there, off MAYBE?, hence the fact that I just made it home to the loo.The chips man...GREY and soggy UCK .OLD OIL taste.The tomato definitely not fresh either.The eggs were not too bad.This can give Wimpy a very bad name.It takes years to build a good name, and moments for some branch to destroy it.I will NEVER support them again, and nor should anyone else.

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  • Ho
      Jun 08, 2016

    Hello Wimpy. M a guy who have worked for this franchise for a long tym, not having any problems with any member of the crew. But I was so shameless and felt neglected buy of the member who represent the franchise when she similarise me with a BABOON which has lead to open the old wounds. It's very clear that the lady is still living in the old days and still fill of racism. Your assistance will be highly appreciated before it goes any further or i take it to the next step

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