Wimpy / bad service - waited 45-50 min for our food

United States

We were on our way back from vacation and stopped at the Wimpy in Pongola. I waited 15min to be seated. Eventually I walked up to one of the waiters and asked them for a table. No one came to the table to take our order, we had to call a waiter by waving and we were not the only customers doing that. After placing our order we waited 45-50 min for our food to arrive. My husband walked up to the manager and asked her what was going on where she just replied Hmmm...totally unacceptable!! Then all of a sudden some of our food arrived, we were still waiting for the hamburgers the most common food ordered in a Wimpy. Needless to say we waisted +-2hours of our travel time due to poor service.

Please just let me know what happened as Wimpy Pongola went from the best Wimpy in the country to the worst!!


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