WhyNotLeaseIt/Flex Paykenmore electric stove

Buyer beware. Scam! I have been leasing this stove since June. It states on the contract I will have paid 410$ at the end of lease. Well after paying 745$ I had the option through whynotlease it to purchase for another three payments of 82$. Well they didn't take the payment today as scheduled so I called them. They told me in the state of New Jersey I don't have the option w them to purchase that I need to go through flexpay. Well they put me through to them and they told me I have to start fresh with them and do an app over the phone to purchase. I said I have already paid over 300$ more than I should've on this stove and I'm not paying anymore than it says on the contract. And they knew my bank information too how's that I ask?! Because it's the same company!! I refuse to let this go and I want a refund over the overage. What a scam never again I hope ppl don't fall for this like I did. Big mistake

Dec 07, 2018

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