Why Not Lease It / other customers making complaints

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I purchased a very nice but expensive mower from them, nothing was hidden from me about the interest or rates etc.most people making complaints couldn't spell so I guess they couldn't read the agreement .I paid my payments, did the buyout, no rude customer service.every thing worked out fine, I got my nice mower, they got their money, period.

Mar 18, 2016
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  • Ru
      Sep 07, 2016

    I bought a mattress and box spring set from Sears and I agree with the gentleman that bought the lawnmower! It was explained very well! I leased it like I agreed to, elected to buy it as spelled out in the contract and it was as simple as that! I am going back to buy a lawn mower, blower, and weed eater in the near future! In my opinion it is a very good program spelled out very clearly up front. You need to read what you are signing where you know what the contract says! I had no problems and I bet the ones that had bad customer service weren't being very nice to start with!!

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  • Sa
      Mar 09, 2017

    Used the early buy out within 2 months paid in full 2/22 and they continued to take payments 2/24. 3/1 talked with them on the phone and they said money would be refunded. 3/9 NO MONEY YET

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