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White Westinghouse / Terrible quality product!

1 OH, United States Review updated:

I bought two of the same lcd tv's made from White Westinghouse. The first tv had little red dots on the screen within weeks of purchase. The second tv made a loud popping noise and shut off, and would not turn back on. When I contacted White Westinghouse they said that I would have to pay for shipping; which would total to over 90 dollars. They were hard to deal with and would not budge on shipping, the product was still within the warranty period. I couldn't understand why I was forced to pay shipping. White Westinghouse then informed me that it could take up to a month for me to receive my television. I have had similar situations in the past with other companies and they paid shipping, and most of the time very easily to deal with. When I tried to complain directly to White Westinghouse I found they did not have a complaint department, go figure.

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  • Li
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    I bought a 32 inch Westinghouse TV. After 3 months the TV screen would go black, but the sound would remain. I called Westinghouse who assured me it was my HD cable box. I had the box changed, the problem continued. They suggested that maybe I needed to turn it off, unplug it and turn it back on when this happened. This did not fix the problem. They then suggested that maybe it was my electrical plug. After repeated calls, I insisted on a case number and took it to the service center myself, some 70+ miles away from my home. The mother board in the television was defective. As the technician said, it was completely fried. The TV was defective when I bought it. I was assured that Westinghouse would replace the TV since I called while it was in warranty. The TV completely went dead 20 days out of warranty. The service technician told me to call Westinghouse immediately and insist that they replace the television. My first call after speaking to the technician, I was assured that the TV would be problem. When I called back with the technician's final information, I was told that it would not be replaced because it was 20 days out of warranty. After insisting and being very irate at the prospect of losing $900 on a TV that I had only been able to watch for 3 months, I was told by the customer service agent that it was my fault for not requesting a RMA form upon my first call to Westinghouse. What is an RMA form, I asked. "It's a Return Merchandise Authorization form," he asnwered. I told him I refused to be held responsible for requesting something that I didn't know existed, and if it did exist it was their negligence for not suggesting it to me instead of suggesting that I unplug the TV and re-plug it. I insisted upon speaking to a supervisor and was told that one was not available, he would have to put in a request for me to speak to a supervisor and they would call me back. I would not fall for this trick either. I then insisted that I speak to the same agent that assured me that I would be "taken care of." Instead of him answering, another agent answered and has assured me that I will be "taken care of." I am currently in the process of trying to get this TV replaced by Westinghouse. I will see if I am truly "taken care of."

  • Em
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    I~m one of the unhappy customers that purchased an LCD 32" from Westinghouse. To cut a long story short, I had to pay for the shipping back to their service center. It is being more than a month now and I still don't know when I'm getting my unit back, even after countless calls to custormer service call center, numerous forms to request "an update" on my case and talking to a supervisor (after a request, of course). So, do not waste your money on Westinghouse's TVs.

  • Na
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    please i have a big problem in my new white westinghouse refrigirar, and i can't find the gent to call or to deal with to fix it.
    i'm from alexandria , egypt.

  • Mr
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    Dear Sir:
    I am pleased to indicate our great satisfaction for your good product, a 1957 Model PK-8 refrigerator bought in the USA in 1957 and brought to Istanbul which has been in use since then without any single service or repair at all. That is why we bought our second White-Westinghouse RTD14VM model about 20 years ago which has also been satisfactorily working without any service at all. I wonder if you have any kind of bonus exchange program to replace our 1957 model refrigerator with a new model for your good old faithful costumers like myself. I am gratefuly submitting my inquiry for your consideration. Yours truly, Dr. A. Nihat Balci

  • Ra
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    Dear Sir:
    I'm from Jakarta - Indonesia.
    I'v problem with my White-Westinghouse refrigerator MRVC 25V BDBO (it's not working at all), but i couldn't find the service support within the country. Please if you have any info to solve this problem. thank you

  • Wm
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    this will be my fourth tv from westinghouse. two have had red dots appear on it, and the other would shut off 5 minutes after being on. when you call about your tv good luck getting any help. needless to say this has been going on for two years. do your self a favor and stay away from westinghouse, unless you have hundreds of dollers to waist. cause if you but thier tv's thats what your doing. now i must wait who knows how long till i get my new tv back. judging by thier other tv's, i cant wait to get this one back just to have it be defective. even after 3 bad tv's they still wont refund my money. now ask yourself, do i really want a westinghouse product.

  • No
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I completely agree with the complaints about Westinghouse. We bought a 32" LCD in Sept. 2006. In two months it started to run all the colors together. We took it back to the store and they replaced it. About 1 year and 2 months later, same thing. The store had gone out of business so I called Westinghouse and they had me PAY one way to send it back to California. Then to add insult to injury it took them 7 weeks to get it fixed. Actually, it didn't even get fixed! They sent us a REBURISHED older model! Now the reburished model is sometimes going black and we have to turn it off and on. (We've had it two days). There is NOTHING wrong with my Directv. They replaced their box with the latest upgrade and besides the substitute TV I was using while this lemon was getting fixed (?) worked great. I am telling everybody I know to never buy Westinghouse ANYTHING. I certainly never will, and I actually used to work for them back in the day when they still cared about quality! I am seriously considering filing a small claims complaint and get my money back to get a real TV.

  • Ro
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    I purchased a remanufactured 32" Westinghouse LCD and the next day I noticed the vertical was off by 1/2" (gap at the top). I called Westinghouse Digital customer service and they gave me an RMA. I was not pleased that I had to pay the shipping for a one day old TV. After going round and round CS told me that they would send me a newer model (I think to get me off there backs). This is not the big problem. They told me that the turn around would be five days after it was received to send out the replacement TV. This was a complete lie. After they had it for five working days I called to see if it was shipped. "Shipped? we only received it 5 days ago and we are very besy." "We have not received notice that it is through check in yet, that could be another day or so. It will be 5 to 7 days after that before we can ship."

    I don't now what else to do, I talked to a supervisor with no luck. It will be another two weeks before I have the TV if I'm lucky. A month will have gone by. Westinghouse never again! I'm with Norma, small claims could be the way to go. Any better ideas please let me know.

  • Mr
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    to whom who may concern
    cairo, egypt.
    westinghouse is a large name in home and specially kitchen appliances. i bought a 5 burner black gas hob in january 2008.last march 2008, the middle (double) burner melted while i was cooking and i found uncontrolable flame coming out of would have burnedmy home if i wasnt standing infront of it, i have the guarantee for one year though the agent here in egypt told me that it is my fault and melting is not in the guarantee i was going to sue them cause this is a manufacturing problem then they change it to me with my guarantee and as you surely know its for one year..and one week ago in june 2008 it happened again and the same burner the middle one melted again, now what can i do??? this is very dangerous it was about to burn my kitchen, i have it if you want a picture of it.. now i can sue the company cause im paying 6000 L.E in a hob that i can find for only 1000L.E i am paying that much for quality and safety.

  • Wo
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    I bought a 37 inch LCD TV/ monitor and yes it was refurbished but I have bought refebs before and never had a problem. This LCD is being used as a monitor for my computer. The first thing I noticed was a parallel set of lines running from top to bottom on the left hand side of the screen. I contacted WH and they also said that I would be required to send the monitor back at my expense even though it was still under warranty. The cheapest shipping I found was $127 back to California. NOT HAPPY about that I can tell you. Any way I sucked it up and paid the shipping. It took 3 days to arrive and 2 weeks to get it back. Here is the problem. I got the monitor back in worse shape than I sent it. There are pixels all over the screen and it looks awful. So I called them back and when I read off the SN and the lady on the phone acted strange. To be honest I think they sent me someone else's hunk of junk and the box it was shipped back in looked like it had been beaten to death. I am VERY unhappy with WH at this point. They did agree to pay for the shipping this time so I am scheduled to send it back again as soon as the shipping labels arrives. We shall see what happens this time. Even though Westinghouse makes Monitors with nice specs they certainly have major issues with returns. I will be very hard pressed to buy any of their other products after this experience. So don't feel alone you are not the only one that has had WH pop for shipping.

  • Pa
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    1 month out of warranty and the 27" led mother board fryed some product you got there westinghouse! thanks but no thanks to ever buying another westinghouse piece of garbage.

  • Yv
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I Purchased a 27in TV 4 years ago the screen would turn black after an hour. I would turn it off and wait 10 seconds and it would come back on and stay on...for a year or so. Now it shuts off after a half hour...and doesnt come back for 4 hours or more.

    And did I mention, the warrenty had just run out when this all began.

    Can anyone give me a suggestion?

  • Sh
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    I bought a 42 inch 1080p lcd tv from westinghouse.After 4 days I had dead pixels in my screen.After 1 month the HDMI inputs stopped working.A rew days later the compenent and composite inputs stopped working.After contacting cutomer service, and a month for them to decide that they were going to replace it, Westinghouse made me pay for shipping to have it replaced.That was 3 1/2 months ago!! After repeated phone calls there is still no word on when I will get my tv back.Customer service is polite but are imcompetant and are uninformed.I will never buy anything from Westinghouse again and recommend that whom ever reads this will avoid them all together.

  • Tr
      31st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased a 32" lcd only 4mos ago and I am having the same problem. It will not power on and when I call the service center. The gentle man was very rude. My options was to pay a service man $75.00 plus repairs, pay to have it ship to company, or drive 2.5 hours to take to a repair center. KEEP IN MIND THIS TV IS UNDER WARRENTY. WESTINGHOUSE IS A HUGE JOKE

  • Mr
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have not received any reply to my e-mail sent about 246 days ago concerning our 1957 Model PK-8 Westinghouse refrigerator bought in the States and brought to Istanbul which has been in use without interruption and any service since then asking if you have any bonus exchange program with your a new product. I would appriciate it if you kindly provide any information related to request. Thank you. A. N.B.

  • Mr
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I too fought for five months with the "reps" at Westinghouse. My husband bought our Westinghouse Widescreen DVD Combo TV, SK-26H590D model for Christmas in December 2007. After six months the picture went black with the blue LED lit. I called in June 2008 and they said I would have to pay for the shipping one way to CA or go to Delaware, at least an hour drive to a service repair center. I was so upset with Westinghouse, that I gave up trying. I called back in 9/08 requesting directions to Newark, DE and come to find out the "rep" told me that was not a service repair center (see how they lie) and would have to send it to CA with us paying for shipping (which cost $72) and was not guaranteed a "new" TV but a refurbished one. I am mainly upset with the customer service and especially the "supervisor" if that's what she says she is cause she did not return our requested call nor not one e-mail was sent to us as to the status of the TV ( as the reps I spoke with said they would; another lie). After much persistence, we finally received a "refurbished" TV with no warranty this week 11/11/08. I have definitely told family and friends not to buy Westinghouse products of any kind. "Where have all the "good customer service" gone, long time passing?"

  • Br
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    We have a 32" westinghouse LCD TV which is about six months out of warranty. Four months ago, it would start turning off for no apparent reason. The blue light would come on but there was no picture or sound. We could cut it off abd every now and then it would come back on for a few minutes when we tried to cut it back on. The Westinghouse technician said the TV control board, whatever that is, was no good anymore and cannot be replaced. After reading all of these complaints, it is apparent that this once trusted name will not stand behind their products. I, fo one, will never buy another Westinghouse product again after the way I have been treated.

  • Mi
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought a 37" LCD monitor from Westinghouse. Just shy of two years old, it stops working and, in fact, begins to smoke whenever I turn it on. Customer service says that, since it is a discontinued model that they no longer make parts for, they will replace it if I ship it to them.

    Packaging and shipping to California from Tennessee is nearly $200. So far, it has been five weeks since UPS shows they received the monitor. I've been promised all kinds of things, including a bigger monitor for a replacement, call backs from supervisors and shipping dates that keep getting moved back week after week.

    Yesterday, after being told it would be another week before it would ship, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General of California.

    I WILL get their attention.

  • Ch
      3rd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought the 40" Westinghouse LCD/DVD combo. It worked good for three years. Then the picture went out and the repair shop tells me I need a new video driver. I sent it to one repair shop and waited 3 months, they never got the parts in so I took it to another repair shop. It's been there for three months now; waiting on parts.

    I'm not sure if the parts will ever be made again; and I'm stuck with a broke $2000 TV that can not be repaired.

  • Tw
      17th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I bought my 37 Westinghouse LCD from best buy just under 4 years ago. I have been really happy with it until recently as the monitor would turn off randomly and the blue light would stay on. I would have to push the monitor button off then on to get it working. Sometimes it would take about 10 minutes to turn back on. I did purchase the Best Buy 4 year extended warranty and they are coming out on Thursday to check out the monitor. I will let you know what they say and whether or not they stand by their warranty.


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