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Like others expressing their horror stories about the company, I too had a very bad experience at Wet Seal today [protected]). Despite my thoughts on Valley View Mall in Roanoke, Va I decided to visit to get some last minute gifts for Christmas. I shopped at several stores in the mall and I entered the retailer on December 23 around noon. I picked around for a little bit in the mess and ended up purchasing two tops. I have shopped there numerous times, but have never had to return anything. Today I did. I had the items brand new still in the bag just the way they left the store accompanied with the original receipt. The girl, Donna (also the store manager) helped me with the return. After keying in the information she asked me if I wanted to exchange them or get a store credit. At first I thought "Isn't that the same thing?" then I said neither. I did not have time to shop and I just wanted my money! Rudely she said that they do not give cash refunds. I knew arguing with the girl was just going to be useless. The girl took my receipt and pointed to some initials handwritten on the receipt and said "These initials mean that the cashier informed you that there are no cash refunds" and "See? It even says it here on the receipt" "No cash refunds or credit back to credit/debit cards." I had to hold back the laughter. Did she really think I was stupid? Don't you get a receipt after you pay for something? And do you really think I would purchase something knowing that if I changed my mind about it I could not return it for a cash refund? So If you get a gift from wet seal from someone and don't get a receipt you can't even get a store credit. I didn't fuss at her for her stupidity. I calmly asked for the corporate number, the sales reps name and hers so I could express my worries to the right people, but with a refund policy like that I doubt they even care and are probably very used to customer complaints regarding the issue. I did not return the items. I'm holding on to them til I talk to corporate just in case they decide to change things up a bit. Once I got home I called some of Wet Seals competitors like Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, and Aeropostale. I even called pricier stores in the mall like Limited, Express, Macy's, and Abercrombie & Fitch. They all had normal return policies and would give refunds in the original method of payment and exchanges if you did not have the receipt. C'mon Wet Seal. Your competitors are showing some class. Even Burlington Coat Factory changed their no refund policy because they realized it was bad for business. I will never spend a dime in Wet Seal again and I will make sure to spread the word.

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  • Je
      May 29, 2009

    omg the same thing happened to me!!! I bought something around christmas and they wouldn't let me get my money... so stupid. I will not buy there ever again. Hate the clothes anyways...

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  • Kc
      Jul 23, 2009

    I used to work for wet seal and it was even an awful place to work, everyone there was nice to the customers face but then made fun of them right as soon as they walked out the door. I hated the enviroment, it was always negative. The girls were cool but even the dist. managers and the store managers would sit there and call customers stupid ### and whores. Its just not a good enviroment for a 16 year old, personally.

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  • Pe
      Aug 31, 2009

    I have to disagree with your complaint. If I decided to open up my own business one day, I find it beautiful to know that I have the freedom to make my return policy how I please. This is America, founded on the creation of business with limited government interference. Just because other stores offer refunds, you shouldn't expect all to. And you sure shouldn't expect corporate to do anything about that. Do you really think they would have that return policy knowing people weren't going to be absolutely thrilled with it? 99% of their other customers are fine with it and those are the loyal ones that come back anyway. The return policy is posted by the register. It's on the reciept. They ask all customers if they are familiar before purchasing. I'm sorry you didn't bother to read it. Don't like it? Don't shop there. You're lucky they even offered store credit because companies have the right to deny returns in the first place.

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  • Rh
      Dec 27, 2009

    I don't work for Wet Seal, and I never have. But I have to say, Chrystal, before you call someone stupid, check your own stupidity. You probably weren't listening when the return policy was explained to you. It's been this way at Wet Seal for years. It's on the receipt, and posted at the register. If you didn't take the time to listen to the associate and read your receipt, you're the stupid one. I also highly doubt you took the time to call all of those stores. Be real, here. No one is going to do that. If you did, you need a hobby. And Jessica29, before you post, you need to learn grammar skills. I don't mean to insult you, but if you're going to be on a message board, type like an adult. If you talk like that in real life, you're either 14 years old or a ditz.

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  • Mi
      Jun 11, 2010

    Yeeaah, nothing new for Wet Seal. More than likely the cashier asked "Do you know about our return policy?" and you, not wanting to hear her rattle it off or you weren't paying attention responded with "Uh, yeah...".
    This would be your fault, not the store's or the clerk's.
    Wet Seal is not the only company with this policy. The store's have started having this policy due to scam artists ripping them off.
    Get over yourself, "chrystal".

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  • Te
      Mar 05, 2011

    by signing the receipt, you obviously were TOLD the return policy but you weren't paying attention

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