Wet Seal / Exchange

Des Moines, United States

The policy of exchanging a bathing suit bottom with a receipt because of not being able to resale it is ridiculous. My granddaughter bought a suit took it home and found the bottoms didn't fit. She cannot try it on at the store because of policy so there is no way to know if these items are going to fit if they can.t try these garments on. This is a scam . You are taking advantage of these young people. Why sale bras or swimsuits if they can't try them on first. There are stores out there that let you return these kind of items. I was furious when I took these back and was told this. Needless to say they exchanged them "this time" but they the store would be taking a loss. I am definitely boycotting this store and getting the word out. You are taking advantage of these young people. We have a local TV station that does investigating reporting . This will be a good one.

Aug 01, 2014

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