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I bought some clothes from Wet Seal and when I returned them they gave me store credit that was placed on a merchandise card. The next time I was there, I went to purchase some clothes using the card. The clothes I was buying cost less than the amount that was on the card. Upon ringing up my items, the store clerk told me that the transaction ended half way through leaving my card without money and the store without receipt of money (apparently it was floating in space). They needed corporates approval to reinstate the money on my card but since it was Sunday corporate was closed. They then informed me that I must leave my card (which all the money had been taken off of) and leave the clothes that I was buying. After arguing with them I realized there was nothing I could do and told them it better be taken care of the next day, first thing in the morning.
I did not receive a call the next day so I decided to call them around 2, which was 4 hours AFTER they opened. The store manager, Alma Aguliera, was completely rude and was yelling at me because "corporate has a million calls about this type of stuff and doesn't have time to help now". She then told me to call the corporate office, but didn't have the number to give me. I found the number on my own and waited on hold for 40 minutes until finally just leaving a message. I also sent them an email later. I called another Wet Seal store in the area and asked them if they had another number I could call and they said no, but all the stores have been having this problem with the merchandise card.
It is now Tuesday, 2 days after this occurred and Wet Seal has yet to call me. I called them around noon to see what was going on and the manager on duty had no idea what I was talking about and told me to wait until Alma Aguliera (the rude, unhelpful manager I talked to earlier) came into work around 2pm. I told her that I wanted the district manager's number and the manager told me that she could not give it to me because it was a private number. She told me the only people I could talk to above the in store managers is the people at the corporate headquarters(which still hasn't responded to my previous voicemail and email). I then told the manager that the fact that they still have my money and kept the clothes I bought with that money is considered stealing and that I was going to inform the police to help me sort this out, since the rude managers and the corporate office wouldn't even give me a head managers name or number. She responded with "Uh huh. OK. I'll have the other manager call you when she comes in." I still have yet to receive a response from the store or corporate headquarters and although i don't want to involve the police in such a frivolous case, I feel that they are using these cards as an excuse to take money away from their customers.

DO NOT SHOP AT THIS STORE! THEY MANAGERS ARE RUDE AND UNHELPFUL!! THE CLOTHES ARE POORLY MADE AND THE CORPORATE OFFICE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!...I sincerely hope they go bankrupt and that all the rude employees become unemployed again. There is no place for that attitude in a customer service professions

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  • Mi
      Jul 29, 2010

    Right with you until you wished bankruptcy on them. That would cut the jobs of all hardworking people too, you realize.
    "One person was mean to me I hope thousands of people lose their jobs!!"
    Yep, makes total sense. -_-

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  • Sh
      Feb 17, 2011

    I went to wet seal store and they have people who work their that are really rude. They have a buy one for full price and get one one for a penny sell, which is bull I picked five shirts and one of the shirts was on the clearance rack: the manager informed me that I had to pay full price for the shirt because it was not on clearance, I then responded that this shirt was on clearance she stated not in this color (blue) I then stated well give me the yellow shirt it is the same shirt ON CLEARENCE WHY IS THAT? I said... she stated because it is different colors and some colors sell more quickly then others. I was mad but decided to settle even though I was very unhappy. She then tells me that the yellow shirt is not on clearance and i said yes it is, it was on the clearance rack ... she looks me in the face and tells me it is nothing she can do about it. I said yes their is anytime their is mistake in house and the store is wrong they have to honor that . She tells me that is not the case I told her I have been shopping by myself before she was born and their is not a store that will not honor that. She then insults me by saying anybody can just say that even though they didn't really find it their. I stated that I was not just anybody I was a very good customer. I refused to purchase anything from that store. I will take to twitter, facebook any social network site ;even if you decide to read these post and just state WET SEAL SUCKS !Do it on the all social networks !Don't buy any clothes from their. Wet Seal Omaha Nebraska @ the westroads Mall 2011

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  • Te
      Mar 05, 2011

    just because you find something on the rack doesnt mean they have to give you the price you want unless it has a marking on it that says otherwise. lazy customers throw clothes they dont want all over the store. it doesnt matter which store you go to.

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  • Th
      Apr 27, 2011

    wow. @shame on wet seal, clearly you have NEVER worked retail and you must be one of those 'angry' shoppers that everyone is always complaining about. First of all, in any store, markdowns are color specific. You should also know that PEOPLE (not employee's ) are constantly moving merchandise around and that the employees are having to keep the store clean as well as deal with customers and work the register. You only have a right to complain if you have ever walked a mile in their shoes.

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  • So
      Oct 20, 2011

    Wet seal customer service is horrible please do not shop there. the people are rude. the store policy are ridiculous I purchased some shoe at the store when I checked out the girl at the register never said that the shoe were on clearence they did ring up on sale for 8.99 from 12.99 again she never mention that they where on clearence and that clearence item cannot be returned or exchanged. the shoes did not fit right so I decide to exchange them for something else. so when i went back to the store i found a blouse for 22.50 that i wanted to exchange them for and i thought that i could just pay them the differnce.well when i get to the register and the girl takes my receipt she tell me that i cannot exchange that item because it was on i said no its not there is no clearence tag on the does not indicate clearence on the receipt and the cashier that check me out never informed me that they were a clearence item because had i been informed then i would probably would not had purchaed that she very rudly said well there are and i said then they should be marked that way or you need to inform your customer when they are checking out. so she said well anything that ends in 99 is a clearence and i said well how is the customer suppose to know that unless you tell them that or post it in the store somewhere so i said can you just exchange it and she very rudely said i asked her to get me her supervisor and she did not even want to come to the fornt counter she flately said no from where she was standing. then i asked her if she could come up and talk to me she rolled her eyes and came up very slowly. so i explain to her what had happen and that in this circumstance since no one informed me about the policy or let me know that what i purchased was on clearence if she could just do the exchange and especially since i was about to give them more money since it was not an even exchange it would benefit the company she completly refused to budge and told me the customer that she did not like my attiude which is unbelieveable because even if i was irate it was because she was so rude. well needless to say i will never shop there again and i have banded my teenage daughters from shopping there too. they have horrible people working for them and there policy sucks.

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  • Ty
      Dec 03, 2013

    I talked my daughter into going into this store and we bought several items, when I got home, they had not put in a $6. headband. My daughter had the receipt, and thought they had not charged us. Before the time I got the receipt back from her, when I thought we had not been charged for it, I ordered a headband on line, since she liked it so much, along with a leopard dohlman sleeved shirt which featured a leopard and coing necklace I loved. I had seen it in the store but not in my size. I called the store a couple of days later, when I got the receipt from my daughter I realized we had paid for it. They won't give me a headband, because they said it should have been under the counter and wasn't. Then, I got the online product I ordered several days later, and the necklace was not on the shirt I ordered. They could not offer me the necklace anymore and I could only return it. What a waste of my time. The store is brutal. I am never buying anything again from them either in store or online.

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  • Br
      Jun 05, 2014

    I had the WORST retail experience ever with Wet Seal in Palm Desert CA. They rung me up wrong, charged me twice for certain items, didn't give me the sell price for certain items. I had to go back 3 times to prove to them They messed up! My sunglasses broke within two days of buying them they refused to take them back. It was like pulling teeth to show these uneducated employees that they were wrong and the manager had no idea how to deal with customer service. I wasn't even rude upset because I wanted my money back but never rude. She defended the employees argued with me then realized she was wrong but was mad at me for them being wrong said she'd pay me money out of her own pocket to leave. I had to bring my boyfriend in because I felt like this large woman was trying to bully me out of my money. Finally I got it back total not correct but close enough I guess but I couldn't believe how I was treated for their mistake. I emailed corporate said they're give me a call to discuss what happend and they never did. Don't shop there horrible employees and horrible quality in EVERYTHING!!

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