WestJet Airlinesshipping of cat in cargo

On May 1, 2017, our son's cat was to be shipped to us from Edmonton on Flight #181 to arrive in Kelowna at about 12:18 pm. My husband Richard Brungardt came to pick up. The cat was not put on the airplane in Edmonton. I received a call from Emily (from Edmonton ?) and she said the cat did not make the flight because of "ramp miscommunication". My husband had to wait around until the next incoming flight, which was not in until approximately 5:15 pm. As we live over an hour and a half away from the Kelowna airport, he had to wait and missed a full afternoon of work. If he had driven home, he would of only had turn around and go back to the Kelowna airport. I can understand a flight delay or cancellation due to bad weather but this was not the case. The cost of shipping this cat on a Monday was considerably more than the cost of a flight that day. The cat was stressed as it had been in a crate waiting in Edmonton all day. I think that West Jet should consider reimbursing the cost of this cargo flight. Shipper's account # 161766. Consignee's account #161767

May 04, 2017

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