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Western Union Wire Transfer / bad service

1 United States

Ignore the date my problem is ongoing.. Since 1999 I have offered wu as a payment option and now suddenly because I do offer wu I am labelled a thief... I highly resent that.. I have used wu numerous times and have email testimonials to my honesty and integrity.. Attention buyers! Are you listening? Not everyone are crooks.. If someone uses wu to pay me for an auction or outright sale.. That someone gets what he/she pays for!! I received a rather rude insulting email from a potential buyer of one of my auctions stating if I did not agree to accept paypal she would leave negative f/b on me even though my auction clearly states no paypal.. I refuse to accept paypal for the simple reason they stole $200 from me and they wont be getting anymore of my money!! I turned her email over to the auction site and she was removed as a buyer and seller.. Another buyer won an auction I was offering, but flat out refused all of my payment options which included wu, moneygram, money orders both us and postal, I will also accept checks there is a wait of 14 days for mos and checks, but that's a whole other story.. Anyway she refused to complete the sale, so I relisted my item and had another buyer within three days who paid via wu and received her win within 3 days.. Now the first potential buyer is upset because she can't find that item anywhere else and I don't have another one to sell her.. Like the old saying goes you snooze you lose!

My point is do not assume I am a thief because I accept a form of payment that's been around alot longer then paypal.. Not everyone is out to cheat you.. Least of all me.. I once gave a young girl her change from a $100 she thought she gave me a $10.. I actually left my register (After turning it off of course and taking the key with me) and chased her down to give her change to her.. Her mother came in and thanked me! So for those of you who refuse to put your trust in someone who has a sterling reputation among buyers then do without.. Others will reap the benefits.. And if you want to trust again visit and look up babygirl auctions.. Or look up "lion" and find the stuffed lion auction I have up.. Or email me if you are looking for anything in particular.. I deal in clothing, cds, dvds, xena merchandise, haunted items, autographs... Among other things.. Just let me know what you are looking for!!


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