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On 10/28/16, I went to the local Kroger store and purchased a money order to pay my rent for 11/16. The money order was lost in the mail and my landlord never received it. I submitted a refund request. Three weeks later, I received the refund check. I took the check to the same Kroger store to cash it but the store representative informed me that the account number on the check was invalid. The store representative advised me to take the check to Wells Fargo (the bank that the check was drawn from) and cash it. I went to Wells Fargo bank and the teller told me that the refund check was deposit only and that it could not be cashed. This does not work for me because I do not have a bank account and I only use prepaid debit cards for banking. This is the most horrible consumer unfriendly business that I have ever had to deal with. If you do not accept prepaid debit cards for depositing refund checks then you should not accept prepaid debit cards for the purchase of your services...

Pissed off Consumer

Dec 05, 2016

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