Western Union Financial Services / poor service delivery

Midrand, South Africa

On the 10th of October i went to Western Union in Midrand at Boulders mall to recieve money from Germany however upon arrival i filled all the neccessary forms and submitted the first time but the lady said i had a terrible handwritting and had to re dothe whole process again, after long and gruelling hours, and filling forms more than four times i was told that the money is there on the system but she could not give me for reasons unkown, i was told by the lady that the money had been sent back to the sender however i contacted the sender and was told no money was sent back, i would like to know what it takes for one to collect money from this branch and why would the lady have so much attitude torwads customers? how is it we are treated like criminals and interogated just for using the service which we pay for? today i havent recieved the money for unkown reasons please may the lady in Boulders be transfered, to archieve quality service.

Oct 15, 2018

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