Western Union Financial Servicesdenial of money transfers

After at 10 plus years of using wu I was told that I am banned from using the service I was not even allowed to receive monies sent to me while stranded in another start due to an automobile breakdown.
I was also subjected to a humiliating inquiry ad to whom I'm sending or receiving. Monies from and Why. The questions were far too personal and after paying for services rendered by wu I was left feeling like I was in a criminal inquiry.
After a few weeks I called wu and was assured that it was just a temporary period an I was once again able to use the services.
However last night after receiving four(4) temporary min numbers the code which I believe is R7008 came up. Once again four attempts were made by Rite aide personnel were made to send monies to someone who needed it.
This is insulting an embarrassing. An if you view the history of transactions the amount Of monies sent or received images it ludicrous to assume any criminal activity.
Please attend to this matter as I was using this service in good faith and have now been treated in a disrespectful manor. Thank you.
I may be reached at [protected]. Orlando V Jonas

Nov 24, 2018

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