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Western Union / overcharged

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-325-6000

I just had a bad experience with Western Union. I was on their slow not designed for dial-up website and created an account. I tried to transfer money 3 times and it kept hanging, I had no confirmation on the web site and no e-mail confirmation, so I gave up on the web site and called the poorly designed 'automated' phone system that was written by some programmer that does not understand the flow of how anything works, I finally got thru to a live person and had to give the same information to her that I just entered on my phone.

She said the transfer went through. Okay everything should be good now. Nope... I double check my bank account and it has two charges one for the internet transfer which I never got a confirmation on and also the transfer I placed on the phone. I will never use Western Union again if I can help it. I called up Western Union again and said my bank was charged twice, she said only one charge, the phone transfer showed up on here end, I will have to wait until Monday to see if the other website charge is gone. Western Union charges high service fees for something that should take a few minutes but takes 3 hours. I am going to use another service or directly transfer through my bank $3 for a $500 transfer verses Western Union which is $49.


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