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While working aboard a cruise ship in feb 09, I sent my paycheque through western union from grand cayman to my mother in canada. Though she had all proper documentation, western union would not give her the money because it totalled over $1000 canadian and they cannot issued cheques for more than $1000. There was no warning of this in grand cayman, on wu's website or any of the paperwork I had. I tried calling locations all around my mother's home, as well as wu's customer service and the agent at wu concluded it would not be possible for my mother to collect the money. My money would have to be sent back to me and I was told I would be issued a refund for the service fee. They sent it to miami (where I was docked) and I walked to a wu branch only to be told there that they could not issue me money at all. On yet another day, I was finally able to collect my original money in puerto rico. However, the service fee was not refunded. The agent there called wu's office and I spoke to someone there who said a letter would have to be written in to their main office in order to get the service fee refunded. I sent the letter in march 09. Upon returning home in june 09, there was still no reply from wu. I called the wu customer service and was told that on their electronic forms it showed my request denied and no letter has been sent out. They have concluded that all of that running around, my money being tied up in their company for a week without any access to it, and the money never being able to be received is a service.

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  • Wu
      Oct 01, 2009

    Without any valid ID, someone picked up our money within a few hours!!! USD9000!! Their system is the weakest, their service is the worst and their staff are not reliable. The UK police and financial crime department are involving in our case, but without any assistance from western union, the investigation cannot go any further. If you are the victim too, I hope we can unite. I really appreciate that someone can give us the victims any suggestion. please contact me [protected]

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  • Me
      Jan 20, 2010

    They charged me for a call when recieved service of 2.95 and they never called!! I want my stinkin 3 dollars back!!! what do I do?
    Western union is a ripoff!!!

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  • Mi
      May 23, 2010

    I have been robbed and Western Union is the thief I have many complaints in with Western Union and evern with the State Attn General in the state I live. I would like as many people as possible to contact me and I want to get a complain in with the American government I would like as many people as possibel to contatac me at my email [protected]
    and may be we can froce Western Union to refund our money and the fees charged. I sent a wire transfer to over seas and the money was not delivered and I was told diffrent stories and they made some calms and in the end I received nothing and the money was for an emergency for someone who needed It was a matter of life or death needless to say what the out come is going to be and that I will continue this fight. Please help
    thank you for any help you can give.

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