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Western Union / identity fraud through hotmail

1 Canada

This is to Western Union in England.
I am presently trying to solve a very seriour problem that I have been subjected to, as well as everyone on my personal
email address book.

Yesterday morning I went to open my mail in hotmail account, that I have had same passcode for ten years with
and I find I can not.

I then hear that very same morning that two of my freinds, sorry 3, have received and URGENT mail from me
for them to send me money as I am stranded in hotel in england and I need 2000lbs and that I lost all my identification
except id card, something like that. They tell them to send WESTERN UNION>

I am NOT IN ENGLAND. I live in Kelowna, BC Canada.
I believe I answered a curious letter a week prior from england and that is what has caused this mess.
the have hijacked my whole email account.
my yahoo account is still in use, but I do not have my address book on this one.
i do not believe anyone I know will be so STUPID as to send me money in England,
as this is notin my character to leave country without telling EVERYONE I KNOW...

Please help my solve this crime.
I have reported it to our local RCMP and opened file.
I did have two of my friends "fake respond" in reply to this email in hopes of retrieving more info from these frauds.
unless they are supported by my drivers lisense number and birth certifcate, because I am here in Kelowna BC and have
no need of wetern unions at this time anyhow,
thank you for your help and I hope I can help stop this activity.
I have tried sending complaint ot hotmail server, but I am not sure if I got through yet or not.
please rsvp to if you need to.
my home phone number in canada is [protected].

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