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Western Dental / I am pissed I cannot even sleep just to think about it

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First of all, they took my braces off, they had told me that I had small roots and they did not wanted to risk my tooth to fall off. So I decided to take them off, after they took them off I got my retainers they didn’t fit me at all. Then my teeth were moving so, I went back they gave me new ones, but they did not fit at all again, so now my teeth are crick out and they told me I still have to pay them my contract was for 2 yrs and I only had my braces for one yr and I am still paying.

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  • Ha
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree.. I live in Tucson Arizona and you wont believe what these ###ers did to me...

    It all began in January when we suspected Western Dental of insurance fraud, so we went to talk to the manager and have her explain why they were billing my insurance (Delta dental) almost twice as much as my services cost. My husband and I had been patients there for a month and gotten a few cavities filled, cleaning, extraction and X rays.
    They basically billed my insurance so much money for these services that they practically capped out our yearly insurance allowance.
    These were fees for; CLEANING, 6 Fill ins, one extraction and X rays for my husband and I. We called the corporate 1800 number to ask management about the billing, so they told us to go to the Broadway Office in Tucson to talk to the Office manager. So we did and this took place sometime in February.
    When we arrived and spoke to the office manager, she seemed very overwhelmed with her day so when we asked for answers about the billing she was very vague and shady with all her answers. Everything was so confusing I finally just wanted copies of everything on file. She then got extremely frustrated and refused to give us copies of our documents. The office manager asked us to leave and since we didn't have our documents we needed to stay. Since we didn't leave right away she ran off and called the cops making a big scene and yelling at us to leave in front of the staff and patients.
    I left the property and called the regional manager to discuss the matter and that is when she said she was going to call the office manager and start the investigation. She promised to mail my documents and call us the following day; Its been 6 months and still have not heard from her.
    I recently got a new dentist and need oral surgery, which has caused me to need these documents from western dental. These are documents that I already paid for with my insurance.
    So on 6/16/09, I had to call the 1800 customer service number to see how I could finally obtain my documents and avoid calling the local office where the incident happened. Customer service instructed me I had no choice but to call the local office to get copies of the originals. I hesitated but IM in need of these documents because of health reasons, so I called and they told me to come in and pay a $25 fee and I can have the files. When I show up the next day(6/17/09), the front office assistant had X rays in hand and ready to give them to me, when the manager that had called the police on me previously saw me and denied me my personal documents, she then ran in her back office to call the police on me again. While she’s calling the police shes yelling at me and the front office assistant to go ahead and take my $25 payment and she will mail my documents to me and to get out. She then told another male employee to kick me out, so this male employee got inches from my face (Grecia Brenner) and told me he would physically remove me. I was fearful for my being and since there were several patients waiting in the waiting room I stood there and felt a little safer with my arms crossed and told the male employee to go ahead and touch me, I already knew in the back of my head that the police were on their way and that's when I stepped outside to wait on the police. The police then came and took everyone's statements. I had one witness on my side saying that I was polite asking for my files and that they denied it and made me leave. All the other “witnesses”, all Western dental employees, of course took managers side.
    These statements gave the police officer no choice but to cite me for disorderly conduct.
    I was so embarrassed and extremely upset that Western Dental would do this to me for only wanting documents that I still don't have after trying for 6 months. It seems as they are trying to cover something up.
    IM in need of desperate help and I would appreciate it if someone could help out, because I still don't have the copies of all my records and NOW I have a criminal citation.
    This has been really inconvenient and will cost me work time and pay, as well as attorney fees. I had no other choice but to go to Western Dental Broadway office to get my documents. Out of all the places in Tucson, they are the only ones to have my files.

    The only response Western Dental has had:

    The regional manager/corporate gave my husband and I the run around... Promising a phone call, an investigation, and to mail the documents I needed (x-rays and all billing documents). Also they have called the police on my husband and me twice because they are refusing to give us any documents. It’s been 6 months and I still have no records or X-rays. They continue to harass us with many phone calls, asking for payments since my insurance cut them off. We have told them every time they call to stop calling because of the “INVESTIGATION” that was supposable going on, but when we go in person they refuse to attend us and call the police.

    My insurance is investigating their billing department and have yet to contact us, so we are still waiting on Delta Dental.
    I have had severe pain caused by my impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed immediately, but Western Dental has made that impossible for me to take care of since they are denying my records to us and my insurance is capped out with all their fees.
    The total fees charged to my insurance are $2, 901.00. I have copies of my explanation of benefits as well as contracts with Western Dental with all these amounts. I also have made 2 payments of $100 to Western Dental. My husband and I have taken time off work and lives to deal with this matter at Western Dental. I have also received a citation for a criminal charge because of this company and their negligent way of operating a medical business. My impacted teeth need to be removed as soon as possible and it’s been hard to do that for the past 6 months since I can’t get records of my mouth and I can’t afford to pay my new dentist the fees to get new records and x- rays all over again.
    My husband and I are good citizens who stay out of trouble. We recently moved to Tucson with our 6 year old son to start a new job and life.
    These current events are horrible and unjustified and we believe it’s time to get justice.

  • Sh
      2nd of Feb, 2012
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    You all need to contact me. I have the Western Dental Fix. I have so much that I don't really need "help" per say. But it would be very nice to have as many people as possible involved and or standing in the wings as I stop their maddness.

    please google my screen name to contact me. or contact me thru here... SHESHARPSHOOTS

  • Sh
      7th of Feb, 2012
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    Obviously, you know nothing about the law. Contract or no contract, you can't charge for what isn't provided.

    You just keep pushing this policy! It may not be today, but trust me when I say that "the time is going to come when that policy is stuffed down your throat" (not in a physical way).

    I actually hope you work for this company. Because you will be target #1. In the mean time, just keep on posting!

  • To
      10th of Feb, 2012
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    actually, As a Western Dental manager, I can say the patient is mostly correct. Western Dental does not hold you accountable for services not provided. You can opt to have the braces removed and any treatments not provided will not be billed, however, Orthodonic care costs are heavily front loaded, The records, banding etc. occur in the first days/weeks of treatment. The monthly adjustments are smaller by comparison. Despite cancelling the contract you may have incurred a significant amount of Accounts receivable balance.

  • Ha
      24th of Oct, 2013
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    Toothefairy1... why hasnt your establishment mended mine or shesharps complaints??

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