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Their billing is horrible. My son had an appointment on 11/20 which was covered but some of the laughing gas would cost 140. Which was fine, the doctor was great. I was expecting to pay at that visit, however they did not mention any payment and rescheduled me a follow up and I forgot to ask. No more than a week later I am getting harassed by their corporate office for being late on a payment that was due on 11/20. I finally talk to someone a week after that and I'm told I owe 160. I ask them what am I paying because I didn't remember my bill being that high. They wouldn't tell me, saying they are just collections. I asked if I was being charged any late fee or anything, which they told me I was not. I told them I only had the appointment two weeks earlier and never received a bill in the mail. Anyways, they were very rude on the phone and treated me like I was trying to get out of paying. I ended up just giving them my card info so I can be done with all of the calls. Come to find out I found the original quote and I was only supposed to owe 140, so why was I charged 169 in my bank statement? Horrible experience on the billing side of this company.

Dec 11, 2015

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