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West Corporation / Employee abuse

1 Florida, NY, United States Review updated:

Someone really should do an intense investigation of this company. I have never seen a company that does everything within it's power to make life as miserable as they can for their employees. I know that no company or organization is perfect but West corporation is down right demoralizing. They play mind games with their employees when they have overextended themselves with too many applicants; and lets face it right now with the economy being in the sad state its in, they are bombarded with unsuspecting applicants on a daily basis. This company is a 3rd party call center for various commercial organizations like at&t, Comcast, Direct TV and other companies that choose to outsource some of their customer service. It would be an ideal job if they company wasn't run like a prison. The management is extremely unprofessional and they pick and choose who is going to be treated fairly. They constantly make up rules as they go along, and this isn't just done to the employees its also done to the customers as well. I have heard some appauling things in my day but when you are told to make something up if a customer asked too hard of a question like " why can't I get a refund" something is very wrong with this approach to "customer service". On top of that there is more unethical pratices than this box could even hold. I would suggest someone from the federal government to come in under cover and observe for themselves the sweatshop like environment they have people working in. They are squeezed together like sardines in a stinking can. They cannot even have their own headsets, they are forced to put on a headset that someone else just had on talked into with salivia flying into the mics and all. They do not even periodically shampoo the carpet in that place, it feels like a seispool inside the building, you always feel as though something is crawling on your skin when your inside there. I do not recommend anyone work there; shoveling manure would be an improvement outside of working for West corporation and consumers would definitely be better off if they did not exist.

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  • Do
      10th of May, 2009
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    The best analogy I can think of is a slaughterhouse.

    They bring you in and fatten you up at $11.50/hr. for a few months and then kill you with ridiculous "Quality Assurance" requirements so they can bring in more 90 day - $9.00/hr "trainees". I can only assume it is part of their business plan. Sad and unfair to customers.

    I'm writing an article about their practices. Please feel free to e-mail your experiences to:

    Tell anyone else you know to send me their experiences also. Good luck and consider yourself fortunate to be out of there.

  • Sm
      17th of May, 2010
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    I agree, however there are more companies like this... and i had a bitter experience working at care call center pvt ltd. Same thing happened with us also, the policy used to change every week, and it always do the negative for employees. They have a special policy where you are not allowed to take any paid leaves in entire year, instead of this they will give you 1 months salary if you completes your 1 year, and than you see the real face of the blood suckers. The HR will make a policy that the payment for the paid leave salary will be made after another 6 moths which they call as a cycle of payments, [censor]... Also it claims that it is an international call center, such a joke... the poor infrastructure, stealing employees wealth and salary, abusing employees with bad HR policies, harassing employees, making policies against the employees favor, salary transfer on 11th or after 11th of every month... we have suffered so much that the words are less to explain the vcare call center policy towards employees and benefits. Also check this:

  • On
      19th of Sep, 2015
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    I am sorry that you worked in a call center like that. I suppose that the health department needs to get in the call center regulation business, let alone the building codes and fire department. If you wanted to, you could provide an anonymous tip of the atrocious conditions. Personally, I would not work in a call center for less than $25 an hour.
    In life, a lot of what you get out is based on what you choose to focus on. You could spend $5, 000 and get a couple of certifications in about 3 months that would put you in the earnings ball park and I assure that you will get treated a lot better.

    Think about it.

  • Po
      15th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I worked for a company called Westmed Partners for about two weeks. That was all I could take. The first 8 days of training were all right but the next 2 days on the call center floor were hell. I had 2 phone reps that were supposed to be trainers sit with me. They were both very rude and critical. They found something wrong with everything I did when I took calls. I had been a customer service phone rep for over 25 years. The girls stated I spoke too slow, I sounded like I was reading a script, I moved too slow on the computer, my phone notes were too long and I said ok too much. They would loudly criticize me while I was trying to speak to the caller and listen to what he was saying. They went on to say maybe this work was not for me since I was not doing well. The following Monday I realized I could not stay there due to the poor treatment I received. I turned in my badge and advised the Human Resourced representative I was leaving. She had the Director of Human Resources call me. The Director asked me what happened on the call center floor. I explained how I was treated by the trainers and that was why I left. She was going to investigate this and possibly find me a job in another department. She never called me back. I called her twice and she never returned my calls. I am now unemployed due to extreme rude treatment which I would call harassment. No one should be treated like that.!

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