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Wesley Berry Flowers / No satisfaction, false advertising

1 6677 Orchard Lake RdWest Bloomfield, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 248 851-2881

My mother-in-law retired a few weeks ago and since my husband and I could not attend, we decided to send her 24 long stemmed roses with the works. We paid extra to get a vase and chocolates etc and immediate delivery. In fact, we chose Wesley because it said same day delivery and that it was a FTD florist. We paid 117.52 for this: (direct from their site) Quote:"These beautiful 24 Mixed Roses will certainly brighten their home or office. Your selection includes 24 Mixed Premium Long Stem Roses accented with greenery"

When we received the payment invoice, we noticed that they had the delivery date set for next week - not the same day service we had requested. We had to call them and fix it - they told us they would add some baby's breath and a balloon for the mixup and for the fact that they could not get all the colors in the add. In fact they said the florist they contracted with had only miniatures roses in the other colors, so they could only send our bouquet of long-stems with three colors. We agreed to three colors instead of the many shown on the net. No problem. We thought.

The next day my mother-in-law sent us a pic. There were only 12 roses with a completely different arrangement than what we ordered. They were also already opened and looked to be anything but premium roses that the ad mentioned.

We complained and were told a few days later that the roses were supposed to be miniature roses and that the place Welsey contracted did not have them, so they sent 12 long stemmed instead and put in some greenery. As you can see from what I wrote above this was not their original story. It was the same rep, Chris, too. I wrote them back and cut and pasted their add which states we were to receive 24 premium long-stemmed roses and have heard nothing since. I also told them the roses were already opening when they received them, so they appeared to be older and that the arrangement was not professional. One rose all by itself was sticking up in the arrangement 3 -4 inches higher than the rest. The arrangement was supposed to be in a bridal bouquet style - where all the roses are trimmed to the same length. They didn't even bother to arrange these roses well. They have a guarantee of l00% satisfaction, which apparently means nothing.

This is false advertising. My husband bought me 12 long stemmed roses in a beautiful display last week from a grocery store where he paid $25.00 because they were starting to open. They were more beautiful than this expensive bouquet we contracted Wesley to take care of for us.

Please be careful for you can get taken.

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  • Gi
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    Also - keep a close eye on your credit. This company pulled similar antics with me for a flower order for a funeral. The flowers never showed. When I called for a refund they apologized and said it was because the area was so rural. Ok fine - but tell me that beforehand, I could have taken flowers with me!

    But to add insult to injury, I had to fight to get a credit and THEN, someone used or stole my data from this company and placed an order elsewhere. AMEX refunded those charges as fraud, but that company is now sending me personal bills for that order. Some of the info in that order would only have been known by Wesley Berry Flowers, but naturally they had all of my billing data that had been required when I plced the original flower order (and the return phone number on the false claim was the funeral home that they could not deliver to.)

    My saga is not done and now I have to spend countless hours fighting fraudulent claims - all conntected to Wesley Berry Flowers.

    I do NOT recommend this company. Shame on them - and if it is all just "bad employees" then maybe they need better management.

  • Ca
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I had a similar experience as Gina. Ordered the flowers for my mother's birthday and found out days after her birthday that she didn't receive anything. Wesley Berry Flowers didn't contact me to let me know that they were unable to find someone to deliver the order, nor did they automatically refund their money. When I phoned they apologized, and said that they would refund their money. It's been over a month and still no refund. I just phoned and they said that I should see the refund by the end of the week.

    It was by far the worst on line transaction I've every experienced and would strongly suggest that you do not order from them.


  • Ka
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    Similar thing with me. I ordered flowers on March 31. They called me and said they couldn't deliver the flowers for the price on thier web site. So I cancelled the order. They sent the charged though, but didn't sent a credit thought. Its been 3 weeks, and they still haven't refunded me. I keep calling, they keep promising that they will refund the money. So far nothing.

  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I too, have had a horrible experience with this company. I ordered flowers for a friend's birthday and they were never delivered and no explanation given, when I inquired. Now, for the refund part... it has been a nightmare ! well over 35 days and more phone calls than I can tell you and the matter is still not settled. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen !

  • Be
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I also did not get the flowers I ordered. I am not waiting to see if they show up tomorrow or next week or whatever. They did not deliver on the date I requested. So, first thing in the morning I getting on the phone with the credit card company to retract my payment. And I'm going to post on as many of these complaint boards as I can find.

    When you take someones money and confirm that you will deliver on a certain day and then don't deliver, that makes you a liar, a thief, and criminal.

    I will get my money back, even if the flowers show up next week, cause I didn't pay for next week delivery, I paid for delivery on a specific date and it was missed completely.

    Stay away from Wesley Berry Flowers, they will take your money and leave your potential flower recipiants sadly disapointed.

  • Ji
      12th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    "For sometime now Wesley Berry Flowers has been using florist names on a mock directory that just list Names and address with no real means of contacting the florist. The directories only active links or listed phone numbers are their own linking to their website and providing the Toll Free Number to Wesley Berry Flowers." - This is from a blog on

    I WISH I had researched Wesley Berry a few days ago like I just did . . . I would never have ordered from them . . . elderly Aunt STILL doesn't understand that we sent her flowers but they haven't arrived and its not only inconvenient but difficult to ask her everyday, ok, Auntie? Did the flowers come yet? She probably thinks we're playing a joke on her! ):
    Anyway, This company has no address ANYWHERE as stated above and the only phone number listed ANYWHERE is an ANSWERING service that has claimed repeatedly that they don't know why they can't get a hold of that location today but they'll keep trying and let us know . . . BS! BALONEY!
    Our bank can't do anything about it til the transaction posts tomorrow . . . but you can bet they WILL.
    And if its possible I'll use this site as reference!!!

  • Sc
      19th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I'm unfortunately in the same position. I ordered flowers in October 2007 for my mother's birthday. They never arrived. I've called and talked with them 5 times now and been promised a refund but it never has arrived.

  • Su
      1st of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I ordered a deluxe flower arrangement for an out-of-town funeral. The flowers were delivered, however, it was not the arrangement I ordered. Thankfully my niece attended the funeral and sent a picture to my cell phone. To my extreme disappointment, it was not the style, variety of flowers or the quality as shown on their website! Trying to get someone to discuss the matter is impossible. Messages are left but the do not return calls nor will they respond to e-mails even though their website includes a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Don't bother doing business with this company, they are incompetent.

  • Ai
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Wesley Berry Flowers - Bad Product, No customer service
    Wesley Berry Flowers
    United States

    My daughter ordered Mother's Day flowers for me and was charged almost $100 for what she picked out. When I called to thank her for the arrangement and described it to her she was extremely upset. I received a few daisies and 3 roses. The comparable arrangement to what I received was approximately $25 on the website. After 4 emails and two phone calls there has been absolutely no response from the company and they have yet to refund any money. I am appalled at their lack of concern and customer service. I cannot believe in this day and age where information is so quickly spread about companies that they are willing to risk their reputation this way. This company is a ripoff and I think that they are guilty of false advertising. Take your business elsewhere.

  • Ja
      29th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I ordered flowers at 2pm for my wife for a very special occasion and I was told they could make it ONE MILE to her work by 9pm. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!! I'll stick to real florists next time. Birmingham is filled with them.

  • Na
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    Wesleyberry Flowers - Non delivery
    Wesley Berry Flowers
    6677 Orchard Lake Road
    West Bloomfiels
    United States
    Phone: 800 6289371

    We used this company to co-ordinate two important flower arrangements for a family funeral church service. I explained that I would be reccomending them to the other relatives and to co-ordinte the arangements in color and tone. Funerals require trust and I was assured that everything would be taken care of. We ordered two arrangments for each side of the alter. One of the arrangements did not arrive--the church looked empty.

    When the family called to complain--It took two hours to convince Wesley Berry that the flowers did not arrive and credit the account. The next day the account was charged again and it took another couple of hours to straighten things out once again. No apology or further discount was given on complaint. I was told "that at least one of the arrangements turned up."

    I was embarrassed about how empty the church looked--Our family was counting on Wesley Berry on this important occassion. I hope this saves someone else from our experience.

  • Ai
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    I have since had an email and a phone call from customer service at Wesley Berry Flowers. They have refunded my daughter's purchase price and apologized for the long time that it took to resolve this issue. I promised that I would remove the complaint once the credit had been received, and if I can figure out how to do so I will.

  • To
      13th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    The below information should give you some idea of what happened after my wife ordered flowers to be delivered by Wesley Berry Florist, Inc. To make it clear, this is what happened.

    1. Barbara Shaffer ordered the flowers on the 10th of November to be delivered within 24 hours.
    2. She received confirmation #73912, on our order and delivery. It stated, "We'll handle your order with very special care."
    3. She called today, November 13, 2008, to verify the flowers had been delivered. As indicated in her November 12, 2008, message to me, she was told the flowerers had not been delivered but that they could try to have them sent today. She was unable to speak to anyone who could explain what had happened and assure her they would be delivered today.
    4. I called 1-800-628-9371 and spoke to a young lady who at first advised me that the same order could be sent out today and then after putting me on hold for awhile came back and said the Florist could not deliver the flowers today as they only "go over the mountain" once a week and then the order must be in excess of $70.00. This was not even mentioned when my wife called concerning why the order had not been delivered. It appears the the customary thing to do in this type situation it to offer to refund your money and blow it off as unimportant. I asked to speak to Joe and was told we was not available but she would have him call me back.

    I would like a call from the owner of Wesley Berry Florist, Inc. explaining why we were not notified two days later that the order had not been delivered. Why did we have to make several calls to find this out ourselves? Why was my wife not told the truth when she called initially?

    As I explained to the lady who I spoke to, this was to have been a Veterans Day gift to my nephew and his wife who lost their son in Iraq in April 2007. They have been grieving ever since as most parents do at the loss of a child to war. We had hoped that the flowers would let them know he was not forgotten, especially on Veterans Day. I understand that anyone can make a mistake even if it causes someone else to suffer. I cannot understand why this failure to deliver the flowers was not rectified after being brought to your attention and no action was taken to correct his or see to it that it does not happen in the future. As a retired Vietnam veteran, I take these matters seriously and would have thought those in the florist business would too.

  • Sa
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    As a "real" florist, I am well aware of Wesley Berry and many others that are classified as "order gatherers" in my line of business. Please be very aware that they appear as local shops, but in reality, often have their offices located overseas. They take a cut of your money before sending the order to a "real" local florist. Almost always, the local florist has no idea that they are receiving said order from an "order gatherer", as these criminals hide under false names.

    My shop is fighting desperatly to stop this injustice, but we need help from the public...make sure you are ordering DIRECTLY from a local florist. Make a phone call, ask for the physical address, ask for nearby landmarks,'ll know right away if they are pulling your leg!

  • Da
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Me too. Looks like this company has a lot of complaints. I ordered online, did some research and it seemed like a local shop that's affiliated with a larger chain that does their website/ph orders. But now i see it's really just an order gatherer as the person above has explained.

    My dad was in the hospital and i was very pleased to see Sunday delivery come up as an option. so I chose it and the order was processed for the next day (Sun). Turns out they don't do Sunday deliveries (at least not the florist that delivered) but I wasn't told that and the delivery was never made. Not even the day after. We'll see how fast the refund goes through. I bit worried considering all the negative complaints!

  • Gt
      6th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had a really bad experience with Wesley Berry Flowers. We ordered a flower for a funeal of a friend. I payed express delivery, but the flower was not delived until 2 days later. I called them back 4 times and waited on line for half an hr since they could not confirm the delivery. Basically it was a ripped off. I went with them since they claimed to deliver within 4 hrs of placement time, which turned out that it took them 48 hrs to have that happened.

    Do not do bussiness with this company.

  • Do
      15th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This is now February 15, 2009 and obviously Wesley Berry Flowers continues to be in the business of ripping off their unsuspecting online customers. I only wish I had seen this page before placing my failed order and wasted my time dealing with their incompetent and insolent staff. I am emailing my experience to my complete address book so that none of my friends do business with this company.

  • We
      25th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I should have read these before I ordered flowers from these people. I completely agree that they have awful shameful service. I will post a copy of the email that I sent them. They messed up the zip code that I gave them and never delivered my sister's flowers that I ordered all in pink with a balloon and paid $50.00 for. The email explains it all. I hope I can stop someone from wasting their money in the hopes of brightening someone's day with flowers that were never delivered. I am disgusted. They didn't even offer an apology. Please don't order from them .
    March 25th, 2009

    To whom it may concern,

    I called yesterday to order flowers for my sisters birthday. I gave all her information including a phone number to the business where she worked in case you needed directions. I gave my cell phone number in case you had any problems delivering the flowers. I called her receptionist to make sure they had no issues with her receiving flowers. Not only did something get screwed up, but I received no phone call at all to alert me and waited for several hours to hear from her about how she liked her flowers. I never heard from her because they were never delivered. This whole situation could have been corrected with a simple phone call saying you had put in the wrong address. When I finally spoke to my sister last night she said she had not received any flowers. I couldn't understand why they hadn't been delivered since no one alerted me to any problems. I called this morning to find out what happened and spoke to "dolly" who was extremely rude and told me to "wait while she figured out what the problem had been." As if it were my fault she was too lazy to pick up the phone. Instead of apologizing for an obvious mistake and use of poor judgement, she demanded to know whether or not I still wanted the flowers delivered today. I replied that my sister's birthday was yesterday. She repeated her question still without apologizing for the mistake. I told her just to credit my card because at that point, no way did I want to give that person any business. I am surprised there is an email addressed to customer service since it doesn't appear to be all that important to your store. I will order flowers for my sister through someone else and send this email to all my friends and family. I will also post it on my Facebook, Myspace, and other websites regarding poor customer service. I cannot believe I didn't receive a simple apology from that woman. In this economy, it cannot be wise to alienate clients. In the future, when people google Wesley Berry Flowers, they will hopefully find sites where they can read about my experience. Thanks for wrecking my sister's birthday surprise. I will make sure that she also posts this email on her sites.


    Wendy Marie Thomas
    Business Manager

  • Ke
      8th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    if you ever order flowers and you live a long way from the retailer then dont blame them becasue in the flower world you order form let say wesleys then they send the order and what kind of flower you order and send it to a retail near you and they make the orangment and deleiver it tot you. so if they cant tell you why it didnt come you should ask what shop they sent it to and if you can talk to them

    also maybe you live by no flower shop that it willing to work with wesleys

  • An
      6th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Aileen, please do not remove your complaint. People need to hear the poor experiences they are having w/ this company. This company pulls this stunt often (what you described ).
    Heck, they did the same thing to me. I allowed substitutions and they basically used the cheapest flowers in place of the expensive ones. My family told me that they had never seen such an ugly bouquet of flowers. I spent a lot of money on them and how on earth a Florist can make flowers ugly is beyond me...well, Wesley berry sure can.

    I as so disappointed and feel totally ripped off. Shame on them!

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