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I'm not sure whether my case is an exception or is the way Westbank does business. I was financed with Westbank in October of 2016 when I bought a car. Unfortunately I lost my job following the purchase of a new car. With the hope that I was going to secure a job soon and get back to my feet, I was reluctant to quickly give up or surrender the car.

I was behind on installments. To cut a long story short. This year I was approached by the bank, to surrender the car. I was called by sheriff to give him my current address, so I did and a car was taken. They told me that if I don't pay the balance(arrears) within 20 days after the car was taken I won't be able to claim the car back. Well I didn't make the payment because it was not expensive which they included costs such as breakdown and costs of searching for the car, which I don't even understand. I was than told that my car was going on auction on the 8th of November 2018.

This is where things get weird. I never received a call telling me how much my car was auctioned for and how much is my short fall so that we can strike new terms and conditions for the repayment of the short fall. Instead my loan amount keeps on increasing. To be honest its greedy way of doing business because you continuously charging me interest and penalties on the item that you already taken away from me. Please advice me or a legal root is a better way to approach this issue.
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Dec 09, 2018

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