Wendywood Post Office South AfricaAlways offline

I live in Wendywood (Sandton, Johannesbur) and whenever I visit the Wendywood Post Office (PO) they are always offline. It takes 2 to 3 visits before I am assisted. Once, on the 4th visit was I then visited.

On Friday, 20 January 2017 at 15:15, was my last visit and I had lost my patience. Having called earlier in the day to make sure they were not offline, I notified the staff who answered that I will be visiting later to renew my motor vehicles licence disk. I asked for the closing time and was told 16:30.

When I arrived, I was told they have just gone offline. I told the two ladies who were on shift that I was going to lodge a complaint as every time I visit this branch they are offline. I also reminded them of my call which one of the ladies said she'd remembered but then in person she tells me that they close at 17:00.

Both ladies refused to give me their names neither were they wearing name badges. I then went to the shop next to the Wendywood PO and discussed the matter with the staff and owner. They also confirmed that the post office seems to always be offline and they actually use the Morning Glen post office as the service is better.

On a separate incident, my husband had visited the Wendywood PO and as usual they were offline. They asked him to go to the Morning Glen PO. He complained to the teller at Morning Glen PO and the teller said to him that many people have come to them complaining of Wendywood PO always being offline.

My uncle who also lives in Wendywood only visits the Wendywood post office in the mornings as everytime he went in the afternoon, they were always offline.

Please close the Wendywood post office down as they are always offline. I suspect that customers are told that they are offline by the staff so that the staff can close on time every day.

On Friday when I visited, it was 15:15 in the afternoon. The two staff members were counting money so it looked like they were cashing up. With 1 hour and 45 minutes to go, cashing up could have waited because there was plenty time if the systems came back online.

Please investigate this matter.

Jan 20, 2017

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