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Wells Fargo / do not work for this company!

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I was a phone banker at wells fargo and first off, they pretty much lie to you during the interview. They try to say it is all about customer service but all the job is, is referring products and services that 90% of the time the person does not need. And they are very aggressive about it but during the 6 weeks of training you pretty much don't learn anything about the products so you are just pulling info out of your ### and if you ask for more information about anything you just get brushed off.

They have schedule "bids" where you are supposed to get to bid on a schedule before it is offered to the new hires (new training classes with 10-20 people every two weeks- should have been a huge warning sign) but the only schedules they offer the people already working there are the bottom of the barrel with the new hires having the most coveted spots.

People were getting fired around me left and right for believing information that my supervisor gave them. More than one person called in to find out if they had enough points to call in (our attendance was based on a jacked up points system) and she would tell them they had plenty only to call them later that day and say they were fired because of attendance.

We have our calls recorded and are graded on them. There was a discrepancy in our Virtual Library which is pretty much the phone bankers bible which resulted in a call of mine receiving a zero which is really bad, obviously. About 5 team leads, managers and even our centers QA expert agreed that it was mis-scored but my supervisor could not even comprehend what we were saying at all. She finally agreed to file a dispute. They next day I had to go to a meeting with my supervisor and her manager about the call and I explained what all we had discussed and said that we had filed a dispute and my supervisor looked at me like I was an idiot and said that we did not that I should have received the zero. Then two days later I walk in and get a hug and a congrats from that same supervisor because my dispute was found in my favor. The dispute that was never filed.

I finally got completely fed up and put in my two weeks and was told that I should probably leave. Knowing that if our supervisor tells us to leave in this situation they still have to pay the two weeks (she does this with everyone who quits- which is a lot of people) I try to verify that I would get paid and she said that was impossible but that I should still probably go. I had a training class for the job i had secured as a replacement in exactly two weeks and could not go without that money and had told her that upfront. I told her that if she wouldn't pay me I was staying. She was really mad. She told me that I shouldn't have put in my two weeks and I should have just left when I wanted. I explained that I was following company policy. She then tried to say I should go so I could start my job earlier and I explained for the 3rd time it didn't start for two weeks. She just got all huffy and left (early as usual) for the day soon after. I found in our handbook the policy regarding the pay situation and emailed it too her and left.

For the next 3 days i was trying to get ahold of my hr consultant only to be told that he was on leave. So I finally got ahold of his supervisor who was incredibly rude and put out that I was even talking to her. The next day I get a message on my phone that she talked to my supervisor and her manager and that my supervisor had begged me to stay and that both of them had been trying to call me everyday multiple times a day. And that I had abandoned my job and I would not be getting paid. And that I shouldn't call her back.

I did try to call her back repeatedly because I had phone records proving that no one tried to call me at all. (I did receive one call after the hr lady talked to them- full of fake concern about my well being and stating that they had been trying to get ahold of me- thru telepathy I guess).

Finally the only person in the company that seemed genuine at all, the hr consultant from the lubbock phone bank called and actually listened and within the day called me back telling me I was right and I would be getting paid. She said she had to go higher than usual because she kept getting the run around. She was amazing and I can't thank her enough.

This company is shady. I would not even recommend banking with them.

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  • Ag
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    I totally agree!! I work there and fing hate it... and this is why?

    I was on leave from 11-13 till 12-27 (once extended) all per my doctor. However I did not receive my direct deposit for the last 2 weeks of leave. Keep in mind you only receive 65% of pay on leave, so missing a week off 2 separate checks hurts. One thing led to another and my direct deposit account received 4 overdraft fees... ($140) should have been $210 but due to funky processing I saved two! thank goodness :) With that said all 4 overdrafts were on bills, (car insurance, doctor bills... etc) not frivolous ###.

    Now as to why I did not get paid... Metlife did not receive documentation from my doctor in a timely fashion (in actuality it was received 5 days prior to them canceling the claim) I also had communication with metlife during the time who assured me everything was fine. I contacted my financial institution who happens to be my work... Wells Fargo has a policy if any overdraft fees occur as the result of an irregular direct deposit. (which obviously happened) they will reverse the fees as a bank error.

    NOW why Im really pissed...

    After speaking to my Manager--who informed me that no they could not do anything for me and that I needed to call the phone bank and act as a customer & my HR manager told me to call employee assistance I preceded to check all my options by calling our HR department who informed me (and I quote) "Since its my personal doctor its my personal problem!" Are you serious?? I then spoke to the executive office and was hung up on. Now keep in mind I still do not have my check and I am out $140.00 (UPDATE amount is now up to 600.00 ) for something I could have not controlled. grrrrr (had I had the money when I was supposed to it wouldnt have made it up to 600.00 either. PS I havent had an overdraft in over 10 years!!!

    I am so disappointed in not only my financial institution but the company I work for, the company I personally have made up to $200, 000 for and they cannot reverse $140.00. Now tell me how you can work and make money for a company that obviously does not care about their customers or their employees? I do not want to represent a company that in all honesty doesn't care about their customers.

  • Wf
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    Hmmm, it seems like each of you had a bad experience, and it's understandable to be upset, but both complaints seem very irrational. You can't blame an entire company for decisions made by a select few people. In an organization with hundreds of thousands of employees (I am an employee fyi), there are so many different sectors and decisions makers on that sectors level. Your complaint should be directed towards that management sector, if you were trying to make a more rational argument. For example, I am am employee who is extremely happy and fulfilled with my job. The company and benefits are excellent. I will be brutally honest...and mean no offense, but what do you expect from a call center job really? I mean in reality, they are stressful, the demands at WF are no different than any other call center. Attendance is a high priority, AHT, call recording, shift bids, this is all standard. You just seem like you didn't like the call center environment. My advice, find a different field and stay off the phone. I personally couldn't do Call Center CS. (and yes, any call center job is going to require you to push products and services, but guess what, those products and services are what drive revenue for the company and allows them to employ you...think about it) As for you getting paid for 2 weeks and not working it...unless you have accrued PTO then you shouldn't be paid if you don't work? Why would you expect to be? And yes management will sometimes offer you the opportunity not to return on your notice, but I have never known them to force you not to, and if you want to be paid, then just stay, sure your sup may be grumpy about it, so what, it's 10 days, deal with it and you're gone. I apologize again but a lot of the details you added it seem to be just that, "add-ins" to make you're position sound better, but it highly unlikely a lot of the things you said about lies, and forcing you out, and etc by HR, that any of it is true. HR professionals are highly educated, highly paid positions, and usually are very impartial, meaning they do not typically "take sides" with management simply because they're management. Since most HR Consultants are higher in the hierarchy than most supv/managers, and higher paid. In short, they don't answer to your manager, who has no influence over their standing in the company. But in any instance, good luck with your future endeavors. Best of luck.

    As for the 2nd complainant, you are completely misdirecting your complaint. WF did nothing wrong, you should be upset with your disability/insurance carrier, Metlife. They made the mistake, you just want WF to pay you for MetLife's mistakes, sorry that's not the way it works ;(

    best of luck to both of you!

  • Ma
      1st of Apr, 2011
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    why did you not just write down the confirmation number?

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