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Wells Fargo Bank / online banking

1 United States

Think twice before you start or continue using wells fargo bank. I was a happy wachovia customer, how got sold to wells fargo bank.In the last month there has been a new weekly problem with them. My biggest problem is that wells fargo has decided that my mother's accounts and my accounts should be lumped all together as one. I complained and told the problem was fixed. Found out it was not when they started taking money for my bills out of my mother's accounts. Again told it fixed and again found it is not. When you call and complain they do not help and after a couple of times refuse to talk with the customer instead of fixing problem. Even though I have plenty of money in my accounts wells fargo has decided when and how I can spend my money. My son tried to move money on line from his accounts and found that it would not work, he talked to wells fargo representatives who told him even though it was available on screen it does not work. A week later he found that wells fargo took the money out of his checking, decided it would not work, so put the money back into his savings, causing him a overdraft problem. They then charged his $30 due to their mistake and refused to give him his money back!!! Wells fargo on-line banking is a major problem. It is bad. I can promise you that you need to stay away from wells fargo bank, if you do not I can promise you that you will regret dealing with wells fargo.

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