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Apparently, they are partned with many online products you may wish to order. In my case, even though I was careful NOT to order ANYTHING additional to what I was ordering, first a $1.00 charge appeared on my bank account, followed later by a $59.00 charge. When I called them, I was told that they emailed me twice (not), called me twice (not), and sent me a confemation letter (not). That I would have to fill out a refund form they would email me, but was out some $9.00 fee. They emailed me right away, imagine that, they actually DO email you! I filled out the bogus form, and have sent it back to them. BTW, you only have 30 days to do this in. I have little faith that I will see any onf my money refunded to me. Beware, if you see the $1.00 charge from them, take care of it pronto! Wish I had!

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  • Br
      21st of Aug, 2008 - $59 Billing Dispute
    United States

    I would actually like to complain about how this company is getting a bad wrap. I had a charge on my credit card for $59 and I called the number that was on my statement. The person who answered the phone told me that I selected an offer when I made a purchase on the internet. They said they had sent me an email about this offer I selected and sure enough, while I was on the phone with them, they gave me the date they sent the email and I had over looked the email. The girl was very nice that I spoke to and she offered to help me set up my profile and help with the website,, I let her help me. she assured me that the $59 paid for the whole year and there would be no other charges. I had googled this company when I saw the charge on my credit card and was very upset with what I read. Yet, when I called, they were very helpful and it turns out I selected this offer and I neglected to read the email or cancel the trial offer. I just wanted to note this because I think we can't believe all we read and that is getting a bad wrap.

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  • Ja
      23rd of Aug, 2008

    Do you seriously think they didn't know that you wouldn't read their e-mail? You would think it was spam - or worse - it would get sucked up into your spam folder and you would never see it? PULEESE! I have a charge now of $59.00 that I never authorized and will probably be told the same thing - that it's my fault! It's not your fault and it's certainly not mine. This is intentional and it's garnered them tons of cash. Don't be so nice! Make them give you your money Back! Geez!!!

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  • De
      10th of Oct, 2008

    The same thing happen to me This company is a big scam!!!

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  • La
      20th of Oct, 2008

    I do not understan how they go and take money out of poeple accounts Greendot lets them also they take what they want then say they did not take that... I called them then they got real nasty hateful to me about it

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  • Ma
      23rd of Oct, 2008

    i live in california and they just got me!

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  • Ji
      6th of Nov, 2008 - cannot cancel future orders
    Princeton Junction
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 800-591-6383

    For Gods sake, let me cancel any future action from this company.

    second compolaint dated Nov 6, 20080930 hours

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  • Ro
      14th of Nov, 2008

    Also 2 charges for $29.95 on my Visa card. Have no idea who they are. Reported to Fruad dept. on my card. Has anyone checked with their local chamber of commerce to see if there has been complaints. We will see if my Credit card company stops charges.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Nov, 2008

    Same thing happened to me, and to make things worse, the bank I use their customer service which is normally open on weekends is closed. Have to wait till Monday to get any answers. What a way to start a weekend knowing you got ripped off and can't get bank to help you till Monday.

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  • Lo
      22nd of Nov, 2008 - product not as advertised
    United States
    Phone: 919-934-2096

    product NOT as advertised. Not a few grocery store ingredients but A whole LIST and you may not find them there as they advertised - a FEW regular grocery items? Its 12- hours of ingredients- one or more to take each hour for 12 hours - not a simple procedure at all. This is a lie a hoax!!!

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  • La
      1st of Dec, 2008

    I have a charge on my credit card and I do not know what it is for. I would like it removed.

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  • Ke
      1st of Dec, 2008

    I also have a charge on my credit card that I have no idea what it is for. I have never been to this website or heard of it!

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  • Su
      6th of Dec, 2008

    I too got that charge of $1.00 on my credit card statement last month.

    I guess this all started after I had my first Gallstone attack at the end of Oct 08. I was searching online for natural remedies as I can't afford the surgery to remove my Gallbladder. So I found Barton Publishing on Google and ordered the downloadable report for $19.95. I did not check any of the addon boxes to receive anything else, as I have been burned in the past on these free trial deals. So I don't want anything to do with that sort of thing.

    The Barton report was ok. It entailed a fast and I read it, but I haven't done it. I found another site that gives better advice and is free. So I have been enjoying that website and totally chalked up the Barton Report to a loss on my part.

    Then last Sunday I called my credit card company about another charge I was disputing and learned about this $29.95 charge made on 11/24/08 from HeartGuardian. I told my cc company I didn't know who this was and opened a dispute. I then googled HeartGuardian, and emailed them asking them to remove the charge. The reply email I got from them was that I would have to contact ellnessWatchersMD because they are the ones that charged my card and they gave me their contact info. So then I Googled Wellness to see who they were. I did not know who they were, had never signed up for anything and so I emailed them for a refund. It took Wellness about 5 days to respond and attached a refund authorization for 11/21/08 in the amount of $29, 95

    Their instructions said to complete the form and either mail or fax it to their office within 30 days of 12/5/08 and asked me to reference my member ID #

    I found it interesting on thier refund policy that they mentioned that they try to do everything in thier power to make me aware of the terms and conditions of the 14 day free trial before you agree to it (what "it" is is beyond me) and we remind you of those terms and conditions during your free trial. Then it goes on to ask me questions like, Have you filled out your profile to receive your personal advice? Did you receive the welcome email? Did you speak to a Wellness Rep during your free trial? Did you receive the welcome letter in the mail? and of course, all my answers were NO, BECAUSE I DIDN'T ORDER ANY OF THIS OR EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY WERE OFFERING.

    Now I find out that somehow by ordering from Barton Publishing that I was automatically signed up with Wellness without my knowledge and my cc info given to Wellness as well.

    We shall see if I get my refund. I am copying my cc company with their correspondence. What confuses me is the charge from HeartGuardian but HeartGuardian telling me to contact Wellness. Are they all in this SCAM together? Something needs to be done about this, like perhaps a Class Action lawsuit. These companies need to stop these fraudulent business practices and some attorney needs to put them out of business.

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  • Ja
      7th of Dec, 2008

    Barton Publishing seems to be the key.

    I too ordered a report from this guy for acid reflux and a couple weeks later ended up with TWO $29.95 charges pending on my checking account. One from Wellness and the other from EWC PAYMENTS PTY LTD DONVALE NE. I had to cancel my debit card, pay to expedite a new one and will have to wait 2 days after the charges post before getting my money back.

    This guy is a ###. I never signed up for anything beyond purchasing that stupid report, which didn't help.

    What kind of people think it's ok to try to get away with this crap??


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  • Sn
      16th of Dec, 2008

    I was also a victum of Wellnesswatchers MD, Thanks to Bartonpublishing for selling them my credit card info.
    Crooks helps Crooks ..
    Here is how it works . 1. You sign up for a service or E-Book ( Bartonpublishing was mine), Then they get your credit card information. My bill reflected a double charge ($19.95 to $39.95 )
    Bartonpublishing then sells your info to Wellnesswatchers. When Wellneswatchers gets the info, they immeditely charge your card a very small amount ( $1.83). If this goes un-noticed or unprotested then next month they charge your card a larger amount ( $19.95). If you dont catch that, the next month is ($39.95) and so on.
    A friend of mine, who has his wife pay the bills = was billed 2 years @ $39.95 per month by Wellnesswatchers. She thought he was receiving a monthly supply of medicine.

    These people got your credit card number illegally and should be prosecuted by the law. And who knows who they may sell your credit card info to next.

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  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2009

    Nobody is "automatically" subscribed to Wellness Watchers MD from Barton Publishing... you must click "YES" after agreeing to the terms of service in order to receive the free-trial.

    You can view the page here:

    As you can see, someone who clicks "YES" and then claims "FRAUD" is simply lying or didn't bother to read the offer before they agreed to the free trial.

    I hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings... and again, I'd like to direct any of our customers with any problems to contact us via email at support [at], or by calling the phone number listed on our website.

    Joe Barton

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  • Ev
      1st of Feb, 2009

    I never heard of WellnessWatchersMD until I got a letter from them welcoming me to my free trial. Apparently I have 14 days to cancel, otherwise, a one-time activation charge of $9.95 and the monthly fee of $19.95 will be billed to your credit card. There is a toll free number to call if I need help with my username or password. I looked it up on the internet and saw all the negative statements against them. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? If I call them am I agreeing to anything? I haven't noticed anything on my credit card from them yet. Also I'm supposed to have an email from them. No, I don't. I'm afraid to go to their site because it said I agree to their terms just going there. If I don't hear from you, I will call the toll free number.

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  • Co
      9th of Feb, 2009


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  • Dr
      25th of Feb, 2009

    quack company stay away

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  • Dr
      25th of Feb, 2009

    company is a scam stay away

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  • Cb
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    I notice a charge on my credit card, and have called twiced each time all I get from the rep is that their system is down and they will call me back within 24 hours. second time after i asked the rep to please read back my phone number he refused and hung up. I will try again in a few hours. I WILL NOT GIVE UP...I have never been able to find out how they got my info.

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