Wegmansmy 86 year old father could not buy beer because he no longer drives

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Why is it at you're store on peach st you card all customers for beer sales ??? My 86 year old father could NOT buy beer because he no longer drives !! Very poor you really can't tell he is old enough ?? And why the hell do you scan all drivers licences where is this scanned info going too ?? There is NO rash of fake drivers licences going around so thats bull !! I have 3 friends that own 2 bars and a beer distributer they are not seeing fake id's. If a customer looks underaged card them like everyone else I still think this scanned info you're sending some where could be going to pendot for all I know..Well Keep scanning I won't shop ever again at wegmens and you just lost 7K a year !!! I'll shop and buy my beer at Giant Eagle.. And the one clerk told me wegmans turned down a 101 year old guy because he had no ID !!! Are you kidding me !!! You're policy sucks !!! And you lost a good customer you're loss and a lot of other people are complaining about this too don't believe me stand by the beer checkout for a hour...Good BY Wegmans!!

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  • Ra
      Nov 03, 2008
    Wegmans - PARASITES
    United States

    Had raw spicy tuna (Sushi) on oct. 17, 2008.
    My son (10) & i were sick for over (2) weeks.
    The hospital had taken blood & told us of
    Elevated levels of parasites probably due to raw fish products. I alerted wegmans because this is the only fish my son and i had for months; and we were sick the following day. The wegmans corporate office is very disconnected. They asked how my son and i were and when i told them we are still not well, especially my son, who has had vomiting and diarrhea for (2) weeks; made the wegmans corp. Office immediately go on the defensive and tried to intimidate me like i was lieing. In the past i would shop for lunch and groceries a few times a week, but now, i am not happy with wegmans and the way they approached the situation.

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  • Wl
      May 24, 2011

    i think all of you guys are being over dramatic. Wegmans is an amazing place to shop and work at. the only reason they check everyones id is to be safe and make sure people that are of age give it to people that arent and that shows that wegmans cares. everyday they try to do their best and they are just people, like you and me trying to make a living. the only reason they can be moody sometimes is because OF YOU OBNOXCIOUS AND RUDE CUSTOMERS!!! so what if they mess uo, that just shows they are human.they arent perfect. wegmans is always helpful and nnice unlike walmart and pricechopper where they give you dirty looks and dont even be lucky there is a place like this and STOP trying to get attention and trying to put down wegmans because your jealous that you dont work at a great as a place as there.all their emplyees are nice to eachother and treat everyone like family.oh and about the beer thing its a policy, a rule...a law.its a law in most states and even if its not wegmans wants you to be SAFE.someone could easily be 21, buy a case of beer and give it to minors ok so next time you go into wegmans look around and see the family

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  • Ja
      Nov 20, 2011

    in my state, cashiers at ALL stores must check ID's for alcohol sales whether the person is 21 or 100. If they don't, they can immediately be fired. Not to mention, if they don't check the ID and the customer happens to be a cop or someone else who goes and reports them for not checking, that store will be fined for breaking the law.

    Its an annoying law, I agree. But at the same time it takes the burden of guessing the ages of customers off the cashiers.

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  • Dr
      Oct 18, 2012

    sad that you were treated in this fashion, i am barred for being kind to a employee, and i have never worked there nor would i ever work there.i see the day coming where there is store shootings and the people working there start going to other stores

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  • We
      Aug 31, 2013

    As a cashier at Wegman's, this is how it works for those oblivious to this fact:
    When scanning any alcoholic products, we are given a notice on our screens that the beverages, in fact, are alcoholic. At the same time you might notice a teeny little notification that says MMDDYYYY. Want to know what that means?

    That means that we have to enter in your date of birth, otherwise we can't possible sell the product. Without a license, we *can* summon a manager who can give the go ahead to request the date of birth from the person instead, but this is rarely the case.

    If this didn't occur with your case, I apologize on behalf of Wegman's.

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  • We
      Jan 23, 2014

    You don't have to drive to have identification. I know it can be a hassle but it is the law to card people and as we are a self-insured store we don't want to be liable. If we sell beer to someone without ID and something awful happens as a result - we can be held liable. We also participate in the BAR program where secret shoppers come and make sure we check ID - resulting in a pass or fail.
    You should take your father to the DMV, we have a traveling DMV that comes to my town once a week and is rarely busy. A state ID card will cost about $10 and last for years. You can also use your passport or military ID if you have any of those.

    Also, a little kindness goes a long way. I am a manager and can decide to skip the ID if I think you are obviously old enough. However, if you are giving my cashiers a really hard time over something they MUST do (literally can not proceed without punching a date into the register) I will smile and tell you regrettably that there is nothing I can do.

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