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I used Weebly to make a website and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. My problem was that I did not reed the reviews and had no information about Weebly. Their site seemed trustworthy enough and prices were reasonable. Anyway after five months of using they deleted my website! When I contacted Weebly customer service I spoke with a nasty guy who said I broke their rules and that's why I got kicked off. What rules? Are you kidding me? Weebly is the worst company ever, what a bunch of clowns!

Dec 16, 2016
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  • Ka
      Aug 23, 2019

    I had exactly the same problem. Also only started using Weebly in May 2019. In July, 2 of my websites had been shut down due to a "violation". Both these websites were new clients of mine and now I had to explain why their websites were down. It took Weebly 10 days to respond to me because the online consultants weren't able to assist. I eventually just got an email to advise that the websites were shut down - no reason whatsoever! Needless to say, I've lost these clients - my very first 2 - and my name is probably tarnished, before my new business even got off the ground! Never mind, the hours and effort I had put into building the sites - Weebly refuses to give me the information, even though it belongs to me! I will never support these scammers again. Yes, at the moment, they don't give a damn because they have around 40 million clients but one day it will all catch up to them and then they'll be wondering what happened. Don't they know that word-of-mouth is the strongest form of marketing - especially if it's bad reviews?

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