PixelCrayons Complaints & Reviews

Pixelcrayons / web development

Dec 19, 2017

We had a friendly sales consultant tell us what we would get for the price. It was all in writing, there was no ambiguity. We shopped around and showed the guy what the competition was offering and he not only met it, but beat it. So…. We paid the fee in full. After that, it was a downward...

[Resolved] Pixelcrayons / website developers

Jun 28, 2017

I had an idea for a website ... to provide online therapy and decided on pixel crayons because I liked their website and thought if they were located in India the cost would be lower than using a company in Canada. I'm not a computer savvy person and so can't comment on the...

[Resolved] Pixel Crayons / Fraud company

May 13, 2015

WE contacted Pixel Crayons for Web designing. First phase we wanted from them Business name, Logo, Tagline, Business Cards etc and in Second phase complete Web designing. First we started with Phase 1 and then they asked as to make payment in advance. After they received the payment from...

[Resolved] / The rep promised to finish the job on time, but it was lie

Dec 22, 2014

OMG. It was the worst experience. I contacted the rep from the company I needed to make the web design ASAP. The rep told me that it was possible, so I provided the half of the sum and started to wait, but after that I heard only fake promises and blah-blah. The...

[Resolved] / They didn't listen to us and didn't provide project on time

Nov 29, 2014

Don’t waste time. The company turned to be really bad. They couldn’t provide the job on time, but they provided only fake promises and blah-blah. After couple of weeks, we asked to return money back and stop the whole project, but they didn’t listen to us. I wonder if... / They didn't provide any support at all

Nov 21, 2014

I won’t advise the services from the company I worked with them recently, but it was really bad. They didn’t provide what they promised and the services were the worst. They spoke with me in rude manner and didn’t provide any support, but they...

[Resolved] / It isn't the website that is the problem, it is the company

Sep 13, 2011

It isn't the website that is the problem, it is the company. First, they delayed the projects for months, then twisted the wording in their original proposal by interpreting common terms in an unusual matter if the website did not include a feature that was promised. We would never, ever, use them again.