Around 4-5 months ago I paid a web designer ( close to £600 in deposit to complete my website, but after 2 months of waiting and finally when I received my first draft, the quality of the work was so bad that I had to cancel my monthly subscription, I mean it came to a point where I was required to explain to them how to do their job.

Regardless to say the longer they wasted my time the longer I had to pay them due to my monthly subscription of £60 -£70 even though the website was not launch. Also I discovered after all this time they never had control of the domain name as it was still under my previous web designer.

When I approach they mentioned they worked on a similar web site but I believe now it to be a lie so to convince me to depart £600. Please any help or advice would be extremely helpful, this lose has officially set my business back 6-12 months.

Jan 09, 2017

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