Waypoint Homes / security deposit thieves

Hudson, FL, United States
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My name is James, I have a family of 3. I have my fiancé and her (my lol) 13 yr old daughter. Our daughter is disabled and has cerebral palsy. I'm telling you this because the money they stole from me pays for doctor copays, physical therapy, gas, etc. Because of the appointments I'm the only one who works and I work hard. Anyway they owe me $1800 security deposit. I have hundreds of pics, neighbor witnesses, and a paper from the guy who did walk through staring at the time (4days before move out) we still needed to patch any big holes, mow lawn, and finish cleaning. We did everything and have proof. So I get a breakdown for 2k. A bunch of things listed that I have proof were done. That's what they do they know you just moved and money is tight so they overcharge you then try to act like they are doing you a favor by waiving the extra charge, tenant moves on and never goes through them again because they are just sick of fighting. I contacted the news, courts, and anyone that will listen. I will not allow them to steal from my disabled child. And I never been over 30 days late in 4 damn years. My pay date changed and they charged me $100 late fee for well over a year and I still paid them! This is wrong

Sep 21, 2017

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