Wawa / sausage gravy w/extra topping for the 20th time

I buy Sausage Gravy with a biscuit literally almost every morning at the Phoenixville Wawa...I pay for extra topping every why is it, depending on which associate is working hot foods, that I get a measly amount of topping...This morning it looked like I got a half of ladle of topping...Like who would think that's ok? even if I Didn't pay for extra topping, I'd still feel jipped...I shouldn't have to open my product up every time to see if I was given what I payed for...I have complained about this more times than I can count to Wawa corporate. Yet some associates still look at me like it's coming out of their paycheck when I ask for adequate topping on my breakfast...way too often I get this response: "I put two scoops in"...well obviously it's not enough if I'm telling you...I don't complain to make their job difficult, and I shouldn't have to check my product to see if I got jipped every single time. I just want to enjoy my meal that I payed for without having to worry about if the associate made it correctly or not...The one day I get a teaspoon of topping, and the next day it's filled to the brim of the bowl like it should be...that in my eyes is pure lazyness on an associate's part. I worked customer service for a very long time, so I know how a everyday/regular customer should be treated...I have been dealing with this issue for several years now, I have been sent over 30$ in refund cards from Wawa for this exact reason...when does it stop? Maybe if the screen said Sausage Gravy w/ extra topping instead of saying Sausage Gravy twice, your associates wouldn't make it wrong...

Nov 23, 2017

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