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Kearny, AZ, United States
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Today I went to gas at wawa in kearny, nj store#8318.
The GM there by the name armondo made me feel like a criminal/scam artist. I was embarrassed and couldn't believe i was being treated that way. I went there to buy gas with a company credit card. Unlike a regular credit card you cant pay at the pump, you treat it as if it was a cash sale. (Pump first than pay). I've used it before at that wawa location. I pulledup and told the gas attendant what i had and how to use it, he said he didn't know what to do, he told me to go inside the store and ask someone someone else. I went inside and bumped into wawa GM Armando. I told him the issue and he said they don't do that here and i told him i used my company card here before. So he came out to the pump with me then said lets try $6. I understand this must be something new so i said ok. Than he looked at me again and said we'll try $2 as if i was there to scam wawa out of gas. He pumped the $2 worth of gas than went in the booth and swiped the card and it worked. Now we both know i can pay for the gas with my company card. Now i told him i want to put $25 in my gas tank. He looked at me and said what if it don't work. I said i thought we just established that it work. He said if it doesn't work do you have money or something else to pay for it? I said yes. Then he replied give it to me...i said NO..why are you taking me through all this to buy a customer. He said he needs to make sure im not goimg to leave with his gas (stealing it). I got pissed..then he said promise me you wont leave with the fuel..i couldn't believe i was being treated that way. I said if i was in a suit and tie would you treat me any different? He said NO, those are the worse ones. I was speechless, still in disbelief that he's the GM. I kept asking for a manager but he was the GM. He did this in front of customers and wawa employees. I told him im a company man, im in a leadership position, my guys follow me and we will never treat anyone this way. Its said that he's the face of wawa. He saw how angry i was and started pumping my gas and offered free coffee. Im ok sir i can pay for my own coffee. Than he said if this credit card doesn't go through he'll pay for the gas his self..i replied, i have money to pay it myself, thanks... i will no longer give waw stor#8318 my business...

Feb 2, 2017

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